Get Rid Of The Verizon Wireless Error Code 97 In The Easiest Ways

In contrast to other Verizon technical errors, Verizon wireless error code 97 is the most complex and frequent error code. A maximum number of Verizon users have experienced this error code while trying to send an SMS to someone else. Moreover, this Verizon error code may arise due to several reasons and most importantly, you need to eradicate them. In case, you are accessing a backdated VZacess version then, you may confront this error. 

Also, probably this error code 97 occurs due to the intermittent signal of the Verizon. Furthermore, if your system has a very low signal, then you might face it as well. The low or weak signal might come from either your device or the wireless network that you attached to. Generally, Error code 97 is often associated with a message prompt saying “service not available cause code 97”. 

However, if you are facing the same and looking for the solutions to fix this 97 error code. Go through the following section of this write-up. Here, we are going to discuss some effective fixes to eradicate the error code 97 in Verizon wireless.   

Top 6 Solutions to Fix the Verizon Wireless Error Code 97:

There is no matter if you want to send or receive the text messages. If your device encounter with the Verizon wireless error code 97 then, you cannot do any of them. As earlier described, there are plenty of reasons why you are suffering from this issue. Thus, now that you have got to know the reasons, for this 97 error code, it would now be much simpler to solve the issue. 

However, this 97 Verizon error code can be eradicated by the below-suggested solutions as addressed in the following section. Therefore, without hesitating too much, let’s get into the fixes directly.   

Method 1: Disable the Wireless Card 

In order to solve the Verizon wireless error code 97 that you have encountered, this is the easiest and effective method that you need to try first. To try this fixing method, you need to disable the wireless card first if you are using any along with your device. The wireless card of your system may help you stay connected along with the several devices through the corresponding wireless network. 

In some cases, the main issue occurs whenever there is a lot of traffic on the wireless card and it consequently, faces some difficulties to maintain and control the devices. Moreover, this is the main reason and important to disable the wireless to resolve these types of issues. Once you complete the disabling process of the wireless card after that, you need to enable the wireless card again in your system. Now, check your system to see the issue is fixed or not.  

Method 2: Check the IP Configuration

You need to check the IP configuration settings of your system to resolve this Verizon error issue. Moreover, if the above-described method does not work for you, then you should check for the IP configuration settings of your system. In addition, if there is any issues or technical flaws with the IP addresses of your system, it is possible that you may encounter with this error code. To check the IP configuration settings of your system, you need to follow below steps:

  1. At first, you need to disconnect your system from the particular network.
  2. After that, you need to restart your system.
  3. Once the restarting process is complete, connect with the network again and you need to make sure that the IP configuration settings of your system are properly configured.   
  4. After completing the above steps, try to send some text messages through Verizon to check the 97 error is resolved or not.
  5. If not, restart your system and try to send the text message again. 

Method 3: Upgrade the VZaccess

Basically, the VZaccess is a software application which grants you to stay connected along with the internet with the help of various digital mediums and channels. In general, the VZaccess use national access and mobile broadband on your device to extend the connectivity with the internet world. Moreover, by using the application with the help of your cellphone, you can easily connect other device and your laptop. 

In addition, you need to upgrade the software to its newest version to avert such minor errors. Moreover, upgrading the VZaccess application to the modernized and exclusive version can support you in various appearances. With each update, it eliminates errors and resolved various issues of your system.

Method 4: Restart the VZaccess

Verizon error code 97: SMS originated denied issue may arise due to the VZaccess which is not in accordance with the accepted standards. In order to fix the VZaccess issues to avert such error codes, you need to restart the VZaccess. Moreover, if the above updating method did not help you to resolve this issue, then you can try to restart the VZaccess to eliminate the Verizon error code 97. Furthermore, restarting any application may be so much effective and useful as the cached data of your device might generate the issue. Thus, you need to close the VZaccess application and after a minute while you need to open it again. Whenever the restarting process of the VZaccess is complete, try to check to see if the error code is still there. 

Method 5: Check your Network Signal Strength

Even after completing all the fixes as described in the above section, if you are not able to fix the 97 Verizon error code, then you need to check the network signal strength of your device.

Moreover, if you are incapable to send any messages to any person then, it might happen due to the low signal strength of your device. In such circumstances, you need to access your device in such a place where you get a strong and uninterrupted network connection. After that, you can try to send text messages to another person, you should not encounter with the Verizon Wireless error code 97 anymore. Furthermore, whenever your cellphone will find a strong network connection then, automatically it will perform smoothly and hassle-free. 

Method 6: Take Out the SIM card from your Phone and Embed it Again

In some cases, the error code 97 of your Verizon gadget may lie with the SIM card itself which averts any kind of text message transfer. Therefore, you need to switch off your cellphone and after that, take out the SIM card of your phone. After taking out the SIM card from your phone, you need to wait for a minute while and insert the SIM card again on your phone. Afterward, switch on your cellphone and wait for a minute to start up properly. Now, you need to check if the error code subsists or not.  

So, the above-mentioned methods are the fundamental solutions that you can try to eliminate the most frequent issue of the Wireless error code 97 of your Verizon gadget. 

After trying the above-stated fixes as described in the preceding section, you can easily resolve the issue from your device.

Wrapping Up: 

Here we have stated the most effective and useful six methods to remove the Verizon wireless error code 97. The above-stated methods are practical enough to give you the optimal solution on time. Moreover, you have hovered through the possible reasons that cause the Verizon error code 97 and their fixes in detail. You do not need to have any extra technical knowledge and ideas to perform the above methods. Furthermore, the fixes are very easy to apply and once you follow the fixing methods in a peculiar way, then you should not encounter this error code any longer. Try the above-stated methods and see which one is giving you the ultimate solution.        

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