Epson Scan Not Working Windows 10: Simple Ways To Fix It

Among all the scanners available in the market, Epson scanners are considered the most reliable ones. Many people prefer to use these Epson scanners because of their advanced facilities and good printing quality. But, during the course of use, you may face some issues while using it over Windows 10. Many users have faced scanner not working problems after the Windows 10 updateIf you want to know some effective ways to fix this Epson Scan Not Working Windows 10 problem, just follow the article, and implement the methods to resolve the issue.

What Are The Causes For This Error?

It is important to check why this problem occurs to avoid the problem in the future. Without knowing the issue, you can’t fix the error. You may face this problem due to many reasons. The reasons are the following:

  • If there is an issue with the connection between the scanner and the PC.
  • Some of the time you may face the issue because of the hardware and software issues.
  • Something else, using a harmed or old ink cartridge may likewise lead you to this issue.
  • Outdated and harmed scanner drivers may likewise make this sort of issue in your computer.

After knowing the reasons behind the issue, now comes the solution part. Follow the steps carefully.

Epson Scan Not Working On Windows 10: Easy TroubleShooting Methods

We have recorded some of the most well-known reasons and their fixes, which you can try.

Method 1: Due To Administrator Privileges

Due to Administrator privileges, you can face this problem. To fix it, you can follow the following steps:

Sign in to your Administration Account. Then open the Control Panel. Go to the User Account, and click Change Account Type option. After that, click on Manage Another Account option. Select Local Account. Change the account type. Then select Administrator option. After clicking on that option, the Administrator will show up just below the User Local Account.

Then Sign Out from the Administrator Account and Sign in to User Account. After that, Open Epson Scan. Check whether it is working properly or not. Close it.

After that, Sign Out from User Account and sign in to Administrator Account again. Then, change the account type back and click Ok to apply the changes. Sign out from Administrator Account, and Sign In to the User Account again. Open Epson scanner. Now, it will work properly.

Method 2: Device and Scanner

Go to the search bar, type ‘Device and scanner’ in the search menu. Then choose your scanner. Right-click on it. Click on Troubleshoot. It automatically detects the problem. Click on Apply this fix. It will show Detecting Additional Problems. After Troubleshooting has been Completed. It will solve your issue.

Method 3: Update Scanner Driver

When you update Windows 10, it may remove some apps and software which are not suitable for the new version of Windows. Sometimes due to this, your scanner will not work properly. To fix it, you should update the scanner from the manufacturer website and then manually install it.

Method 4: Change The Ink Cartridge

Like this issue, for the most part, happens because of the ink leakage in the printhead, this implies there is an issue with the cartridge itself. In this way, changing the cartridge may work for you. At first, open the Epson print-head cover and expel the leakage cartridge. From that point onward, insert another one and restart the scanner again. Now, completing the task, try to print something and check the issue whether stays or not.

Method 5: Lines On Printing

Sometimes, you may struggle with this issue. You print a page but show some horizontal and vertical lines. To avoid this, you should check the nozzle, and clean the head and the printhead alignment. To do this, go to the Start> Device>  Right Click on scanner> Printing Preferences> Maintenance> Power Ink Flushing. Just follow the next step to know how to check the nozzle and how to clean the scanner head.

Method 6: Print Colour Not Came Properly

If you print a page and the printing color did not come properly, they should fix this problem. To fix this, perform head cleaning and print nozzle to check if the problem is resolved or not. If not, do it again up to three times only. If not resolved, using head cleaning, perform ink flushing/power cleaning. This procedure consumes ink, be sure you have refilled enough ink on its tank. After that, turn off the scanner for 1 hour. Then, perform nozzle print( be sure to turn off the scanner after this method to avoid overpressure on the scanner head.)

After following these methods, you can surely fix this issue. Hope, this content is helpful for you to resolve the scanner not detected in Windows 10.

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