Fix PS4 WS-37505-0 Error with 6 Easy to Apply Methods

The WS-37505-0 is one of the common errors that occur in Sony PlayStation 4. The error generally takes place when people are trying to log into their PS4 ID or at the time of launching the game. A message on the display appears – “An error has occurred (WS-37505-0)”. So, in order to play games without any hassle, you have to fix the error as soon as possible. 

But, hold on a sec. Aren’t you eager to know the causes behind the issue? Of course, everyone wants to know. First, you need to check the internet connection. The issue might take place due to slow network speed. Now, check the rest of the possible causes: DNS issue, unexpected block by the Firewall, server down for temporary maintenance and others. 

Heads up, Let’s Resolve the WS-37505-0 Error

Before you implement the necessary effective solutions, you have a lot of work to do. Your first task will be creating a wired connection instead of wireless for the controllers. In addition to that, you also need to turn off the wireless network and switch over to the Ethernet connection. 

1. The Network Test on PS4

If there are issues with the network for which the WS-37505-0 error is taking place, a test is worth a try. From the “Settings” to the “Network” you need to choose “Test the Internet Connection”. Now, there are sub-parts under the category of test, and they are like “Obtaining the IP Address”, “Internet Connection”, “PlayStation Network Sign-in”. Make sure that all of these sub-category tests are successful. Try to observe the download and upload speed. The exact speed will depend on the total bandwidth of the internet connection that you use. 

2. The Change of DNS, Manually

Altering the DNS can help you to eliminate the WS-37505-0 error, once and for all. So, let’s give it a try. As usual, navigate to the PS4 “Settings”, and then on to the “Network”. Now, you have to choose the “Use a LAN Cable” option, under the section “Set up Internet Connection”. From the drop-down option, select “Custom” as the setup process. After that, choose the setup type as Automatic in the “IP Address Settings”. 

Now, you have to look for the “DHCP Hostname”, assign it as “Do Not Specify”. After that, opt for the “Manual” option. Set the primary DNS as, as well as the secondary DNS as The work is not over yet. Regarding the MTU settings, set it as Automatic and don’t use any proxy server. 

3. PlayStation System Settings: Switch to New Version

Switching to the new version means downloading the latest software updates. The outdated system settings of the gaming console might lead to the WS-37505-0 error. The process is very simple. Navigate to the “Settings” and from the list, you can see “System Software Update”. The update might take some time. Meanwhile, you can wait. After the task is done, check whether the error is still persisting or not. 

4. Opted for Wireless? Deal with the outdated Firmware

It seems that your gaming console is connected to the internet, wirelessly. The error WS-37505-0 can take place when the firmware is outdated in terms of the router. Regardless of the router, you are using, open its management page. Navigate to the “Tools” and search for the latest firmware and download it. Are you done? Reboot the router to make changes effective. 

5. Forwarding the Desired Router Ports

When certain unwanted network requests enter your router, it creates a glitch within the connected devices. Now, suppose the gaming console is connected to the router, then the WS-37505-0 error takes place. Therefore, the process of port forwarding might come in handy. 

With the help of the “ipconfig” command, try to access the default gateway and the IPv4 address. Now, navigate to the “Settings” and then shift towards the “Network” section, select “View Connection Status”. Carefully, observe the address, copy it and then paste it to the default gateway of the browser. 

Now, login to the network account as the ISP has provided. Search for the “Forwarding” option and once again, paste the IP to the “IP Address Box”. Navigate to the “Virtual Server”, add a new port. Assign the TCP to 80,443,1935,3478-3780. In addition to that, assign the UDP to 3478-3479. 

6. The Master Server: Ongoing Status

If none of the above solutions works, you need to investigate the PSN servers of the gaming console. Check whether all the servers are running or not. If not, then there is a possibility of WS-37505-0 error. There is a tool that might come in handy, it’s the Fix and Connects Diagnostic Tool. The tool itself comes from the desk of Sony PlayStation. You can diagnose the gaming console and find out whether there is any type of server error taking place. 

Do you really need to Alter the WiFi-Band?

According to the experts, you can tweak the settings of the Wi-Fi band that might help you to resolve the PS4 issue. No matter what the clock rate is already present there, change it to 5 GigaHertz. Check if this works or not. If not, then further alter it to 2.4 GigaHertz, surely this will fix the issue. 


When you cannot resolve the error with the help of the above-mentioned methods, then there is one last option. Format the HDD of the gaming console. Navigate to all the internal functions of the device and find out how to do that. In the case of any additional help, you can operate the user manual. After that formatting is over, you have to install all the games once again. In addition to that if you face any issues regarding the formatting process, call upon the Sony PlayStation Toll-free number. 

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