How To Fix When Acer Touch Screen Not Working: Easy Guide

Off late, Acer is one of the topmost laptop manufacturing companies throughout the world. Users mostly prefer this brand due to its performance and durability. After the recent Windows update, many users are likely to face several issues with Acer Laptops. Among those, Acer touch screen not working is most common to encounter. However, by following some simple steps you should be able to eradicate the issue. If the touchscreen stops working, it can be too much annoying for users.

Here is this article, we are going to discuss the easy yet effective solutions pertaining to Acer Touch Screen Not Working issue.

Potential Causes Behind Touchscreen Not Working

In most of the cases, Acer laptop mouse tends to freeze or not work. Due to the driver issues, you may face this glitch. In case you find any crash in your Operating System then there can be a chance of getting this error. Apart from this reason, another one is, that if your system gets attacked by a virus or malware then you may encounter this issue as well. Any sort of hardware problem is also responsible for this error. In this situation, you don’t need to worry. There are a lot of ways to solve out the glitch.

You can find the possible reasons that are responsible for this particular error. Hence, you need to go through the entire article and perform the steps on your own.

Fixes Of Acer Touchscreen Not Working

There is more than one constructive way to resolve Acer touchpad not working. You need to follow the steps to do so. Here in this guide, we have stated unique steps to solve the error as soon as possible.

Method 1: Uninstall Touchscreen Drivers

If the above process does not help you to solve the issue, then you need to go to the Start option. Then move to the search box and type ‘Device Manager’ in it. As an alternative method, you can press the Windows key and R together to call up the Run window search for Device Manager.

Now you need to navigate to Settings and click on it. Double click on “Human interface manager” that is shown in your device screen manager. Then, you must select the appearing “Touchscreen drivers.” Now right-click on the “Touchscreen drivers” and select the option Uninstall. Finally, open Settings and go through the device’s touchpad. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Additional mouse options. Now, finally, restart your device and check if the error still persists.

Method 2: Check Local Area Network (LAN) Settings

Seldom disabling LAN connection and using the wireless card for the internet surfing can also fix Acer touch screen not working windows 10 as well.

First, you need to hold down the Windows key and R together, and in the search bar, type Control and then press the Enter button.

Now, tap on Tab and after that click on the left arrow key to select the Small icons as shown on the screen. Next press Enter.

  • Now, tap on Tab until you see the option “Network and Sharing Center.”
  • Then choose “Change adapter settings” and then press the Enter button.
  • Next, select Tab. When you can see the LAN card then hit on the Enter key. Now, finally, you need to choose the Disable option and tap on the Enter key.

But if you want to get back the LAN connection then Enable it and press the Enter key one more time.

Method 3: Update The Driver

In case if the previous process won’t help you then don’t be upset. You can follow this one because if your drivers are not updated to the latest version then you may face this issue on your laptop quite often. To update your device first you need to go to the Home icon. Then move to the Control panel and then choose Device Manager by clicking on it. Now, search for the latest update for your device and click on “Update Driver Software” and update it.

After doing this process your device may work properly.

Method 4: Review The Device Manager And Updating Drivers

In case, the touchpad is still not working in your Acer laptop, the Windows Device Manager can help you to know the details of hardware queries and update drivers. Follow the steps below to examine the Device Manager.

The first thing you need to do is to go to the Windows Start menu. Type Device Manager in the search bar and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Now, the Device Manager screen will open in front of you, where you need to find and then double click on the mouse and other pointing devices, located under My Computer. Navigate to the Touchpad option and right click on it. After that, click on “Update Driver Software” to save the new changes. Finally, check if the issue gets solved or still appearing.

Method 5: Review The CMOS (BIOS) setup

You need to make sure that the Acer touchpad has not been disabled in the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (BIOS) setup. After entering the Basic Input / Output System or CMOS setup, you need to check all the hardware device connection and the setting. If you see the Acer touchpad is in the Disable mode, then enable it and restart the computer. Now, check the device, is it working or not.

All these solutions are proven and you can definitely give a try and let us know your feedback on the same.

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