USB Device Over Current Status Detected: 5 Ways to Solve

‘USB Device Over Current Status Detected’ usually shows up when any USB ports on the motherboard get damaged. On the other hand, switching the PC for the first time after building it can throw the same error. Additionally, you can experience a sudden shutdown due to an overloading circuit.

The computer shuts down automatically so that it can prevent further hardware damage. If you are trying to build a PC with a new motherboard and something like this happens, the motherboard is probably defective. However, you might not need to replace the motherboard right now.

Rather, you might try out a few solutions that will help you eliminate the error message. Generally, you can encounter this error when one or more wires connecting to the Nest thermostat has experienced tripping 10+ times. 

Go through this guide if you notice the error message and a burning smell coming from your computer.

  1. Look Out for Faulty USB connections One by One

Before trying any complicated fix, you should know which USB connections are not working. Thus, it will be easier for you to diagnose that particular USB port issue. 

Moreover, you can avoid that port, and the computer won’t show the ‘USB Device Over Current Status Detected’ error anymore. Check out the following guidelines to find out the culprit USB port or device:

  • Shut down the PC and remove all the USB devices attached to it.
  • Wait for a while before you switch on your computer again.
  • Check every USB device one by one at a time. For a more precise diagnosis, restart the PC after you plug in each USB device.
  • Repeat the same with every USB device and port.

You can discontinue the usage of that particular port or device after you notice the same error when you plug in the device or use the port. You can test your USB devices on another Windows device if you can’t diagnose the faulty USB device or port. 

Additionally, the USB ports might be just fine; all they need is a little cleaning. Clogged USB ports might not respond to your device’s command. Hence, you should look out for debris in your PC’s USB ports. Use dedicated tools or vacuum cleaners to clean them.

  1. Test USB Connections

Chances are there that the faulty USB ports can cause the ‘USB Device Over Current Status Detected’ error. This issue is common when users deploy too many USB resources, such as playing video games for hours. 

You have to check whether USB connections are responsible for the internal issue of the motherboard. Here’s what you need to follow:

  • Turn off your entire computer system and remove its power plugs.
  • Open up the CPU’s case by detaching the bolts. Seek an expert’s intervention if you find the method difficult.
  • Find USB connectors that should connect the motherboard with the front parts of your PC.
  • Unplug those USB connectors and, carefully, turn on your PC.

If the ‘USB Device Over Current Status Detected’ message appears again, you must continue with the following solutions.

  1. Update your Computer’s BIOS

Interestingly, the USB Device Over Current Status Detected error can pop up due to BIOS glitches. BIOS settings come preinstalled on your computer, which might require fine-tuning through updates. In addition, BIOS is the first software that swings into functionality after you turn on the PC.

The BIOS component also takes care of the hardware system of your PC. BIOS can be rewritten without replacing any hardware of your computer since modern computers have BIOS installed in flash memory components. You can update or upgrade your PC’s BIOS and check if it makes any difference.

You can utilise dedicated software depending upon your PC’s manufacturing brand. For example, you can install the MyASUS BIOS update software for your Asus PC. Similarly, you can use Dell Update Utility, Lenovo System Update Tool, or HP Support Assistant if you own a Dell, Lenovo, or HP computer. Check out your computer manufacturer’s guidelines if you own any other brand’s device.

Keep in mind that upgrading BIOS is a complex task. Therefore, you should take the help of a professional to update the BIOS version.

  1. Is Any Jumper Missing from Your PC?

Missing jumpers are quite rare, yet you should not overlook the possibility. Your computer will simply refuse to boot normally and show the error message when it can’t find the required jumper. 

Jumpers help the USB connectors to stay intact with the motherboard. If any of the jumpers are damaged or missing, you might get an error message.

Here’s how you can look for a missing jumper:

  • Turn off your PC and unplug it from power sources.
  • Remove the casing of your system and sneak it into your USB internal port.
  • You must place a jumper if any of them appears missing.
  • Restart your PC and observe if the error message disappears or not.

Placing a jumper might be critical if you are not used to doing so. You can ask for an expert’s help to mend the missing jumper issue. This will make sure that nothing will go wrong with your motherboard’s safety and optimal performance.

  1. Replace the PC’s Motherboard

Users have reported the ‘USB Device Over Current Status Detected’ issue while inserting a new motherboard to build a new PC. A few modules might be damaged and that’s why you might be experiencing the error. 

However, you can return the defective motherboard if it’s under warranty. Otherwise, respective service centers might help you out. It can be a single circuit fault that needs to be resolved. 

Therefore, replace your computer’s motherboard if nothing seems to be working. Hopefully, these fixes were enough to eliminate the ‘USB Device Over Current Status Detected’ error.

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