Nvidia Shadowplay not Recording on Computer: Quick & Effective Methods

Nvidia GeForce Experience 3.0 hosts the Shadowplay feature for recording the ongoing game. The recording time is just 20 minutes in 60 Frames per Seconds. With the help of multiple resolutions, you can also stream the game on YouTube as well as on Twitch. Now, if you are unable to record the ongoing game, then there must be an issue.

There can be various reasons behind the Shadowplay not recording, such as improper functions in the streaming service, Shadowplay feature is unable to detect the games in full-screen mode, user-interface error and more. Without further ado, let’s inspect the situation and get to know how you will be able to resolve the issue with expert-recommended solutions. 

Shadowplay not Recording: Here’s how to Resolve the Issue

Before you begin, make sure that all the necessary drivers are correctly installed in your system. Any missing drivers can restrict you from performing the resolving procedures. So, let’s begin. 

1. Nvidia Streaming Service

The system Services window has all the name and status of services, so find out the Nvidia Streaming Service. Restart this service along with its dedicated functions. After that, close the window and check whether the Shadowplay not recording error is there or not. 

2. Allow the Desktop Capture

If you are playing any game in fullscreen mode, the gaming experience is indeed enjoyable. But, the GeForce cannot detect the game correctly while it is in fullscreen mode, resulting in the Shadowplay not recording. This is where the dedicated Nvidia graphics card application will help you out. Access the Overlay section and activate the Desktop capture. 

3. There is no need for Twitch

If you love streaming, then you must have multiple accounts on different platforms. Thus, when you notice Nvidia Shadowplay not recording your ongoing game, leave aside Twitch. You can switch over to your YouTube channel and start streaming. In addition to that, inform your subscriber friends to watch you on your YouTube channel. Before entering your YouTube channel, make sure you turn off Twitch from the account section of Shadowplay, manually. 

4. Full-Screen mode via GeForce Experience Application

Most of the PC or Console games provide you with the borderless or full-screen mode. You can also record in full-screen mode. Therefore, if you do the recording in full-screen mode, then you might be able to remove the Shadowplay not recording error. In general, the F11 key from the keyboard allows you to switch over to the full-screen mode. 

5. Get the latest version of GeForce Experience

If you are using the GeForce experience application and still facing Shadowplay not recording issues, then surely you are using the Beta or outdated version. To get rid of the error, opt for the latest version of the GeForce experience application. You don’t have to uninstall the previous version as the files of the new version will eventually overwrite it  After that, hopefully, the issue will not persist anymore.

6. Controlling the Nvidia GeForce Privacy

Turning on the Sharing mode might help you to eliminate the Shadowplay not recording issue. So, navigate to the “Settings” option and further, move on to the “General” Tab. Find out the Share mode and enable it. Now, you will be able to record games in a hassle-free way with the help of system-dedicated hotkeys. 

7. Seek Help from the DDU

The system display drivers play a crucial role in Shadowplay game recording. Thus, the Nvidia display driver uninstaller application comes in handy. The “Clean and restart” option is highly recommended by Nvidia, as well as the other experts. In addition to that, before starting the procedure, never forget to select “GPU Nvidia” which is situated at the bottom of the Nvidia GEFORCE GTX logo in the application. 

Other Methods that are Worth Trying

There are two last methods that you can try. One is formatting the system and the other is replacing the hardware. The process of system formatting is easy and you can do it with the help of bootable device storage. But, the next step involves the experts as you have to deal with the hardware. Try the procedure and surely, you can record the videos with the help of Shadowplay. 

Are any Alternatives Available?

Yes, of course, Shadowplay has many alternatives which will help you to record the ongoing game. All you need to do is research properly. Based on an expert recommendation, you need to check the software compatibility of the graphics card and video card before downloading the alternative application. 

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