3 Ways to Fix the Samsung TV Insufficient Storage Space Error

Samsung TVs offer 8GB of built-in storage to install streaming apps. The “insufficient storage space” message pops up when you exceed the storage limit. Users can either remove the pre-installed apps or upgrade the device’s memory to free up space. Additionally, you must use external hard drives to expand the storage capacity.

The Smart TV can’t install new apps due to Samsung TV insufficient storage space error. Thus, try to remove unwanted data from the device to create more space. Samsung TV restores the temporary caches when you open any app. These app caches take a lot of space on the Smart TVs. Therefore, removing the cache on Samsung TVs will resolve the storage issues. 

What causes the Samsung TV Insufficient Storage Space issue?

The “insufficient storage space” message indicates you’ve used most of the device’s memory. However, this error could often occur when there is enough space in the device. This is the primary reason why you must first check how much space is available on the TV. 

However, the steps to check the Samsung TV’s memory may vary from one model to another. Press the remote’s “Home” button if you use the AU/TU/Q/LS model. Choose “Settings” by using the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys and tap on “Support”. 

Navigate to “Device Care” to run a quick scan. Select “Manage Store” when the Samsung TV completes the scan. Now, check how much storage is left on the device. If you have utilised 8GB of storage, then consider deleting the apps that are no longer required.

How to Fix the Samsung TV Insufficient Storage Space Problem?

There are several ways to generate more space on Samsung TVs. Many consider upgrading the hard drive to clear up the device space. However, we would suggest you not to do that without an expert’s help. 

Instead, follow these solutions to overcome the Samsung TV’s storage space issues:

  1. Clear the Unwanted apps and Cache

Check the apps you have installed on the Samsung TV. After that, you can decide which apps to remove from the list. Press the TV remote control’s “Home” button and head to the “Settings” tab. Choose “Support” when the next window appears on the TV screen. 

Opt for “Device Care”, go to “Manage Storage”, and choose “Apps” afterwards. Go through the Samsung TV’s installed apps list. Select the app, and click “Delete” to remove it from the Smart TV. 

However, these steps to remove apps are only applicable to the latest Samsung TVs. Follow these steps if you use a Samsung TV released before 2016:

  • Press the TV remote control’s “Smart Hub” button.
  • Locate “Apps”, tap on “My Apps”, and choose the app that you would like to remove.
  • Press and hold the remote’s “Enter” button for three seconds.
  • Choose “Delete” when the pop-up window appears on the screen.

How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV?

Clear the cache from Samsung TVs to free up space. Additionally, it helps the users to run the smart device faster without glitches. But, how to clear all the Samsung TV cache? First, press the remote’s “Home” button and go to “Settings”. Tap on “Apps” and navigate to “System Apps”. 

Choose the streaming apps for which you want to clear the cache. Then, select “Clear cache” and tap on “OK” when the confirmation message pops up. Turn off the Samsung TV by pressing the remote’s “Power” button. Restart the device after a few minutes and check if it shows an insufficient storage message. 

  1. Use an External Storage Device

When you install apps by connecting external drives, Samsung TVs won’t display an “insufficient storage space” error. Thus, find a USB flash drive compatible with the TV. Locate the Samsung TV’s USB port and insert the flash drive into it. Press the remote’s “Home” button to access the “Settings” window. 

Head to “Apps”, and go to the search box to find the app that you want to install. The device will ask you to install the app on the external drive when you click “Install”. Choose “Yes” to start the app installation process. It may take at least 4-5 minutes to download the streaming apps. Restart the Samsung TV after that and open the apps without further inconveniences.

Failed to download the apps on Samsung TV using USB drives? Then, you need to reformat the USB flash drive to install the required apps. Here is how you can format the external storage device on Samsung TV:

  • Press the remote control’s “Home” button to open the device settings
  • Head to “Storage & Reset” and choose “External storage device”.
  • Select “Format as Device Storage” to install the streaming apps. 
  1. Reset the Smart Hub on a Samsung TV

Samsung allows TV users to initiate the function of downloaded apps by resetting the Smart Hub. Moreover, the device removes user accounts when restoring the Smart Hub’s default settings. Thus, consider resetting the Smart Hub if you want more space.

How to reset the Smart Hub on the Samsung TV models?

Press the Samsung TV’s remote’s “Home” button and choose “Menu”. Navigate to “Settings” and choose “All Settings” afterwards. Tap on “Support” when the next window appears on the TV screen and select “Device Care”. 

Choose “Self Diagnosis” and opt for “Reset Smart Hub”. Enter the Samsung TV’s “PIN” when prompted. The Samsung TV will reset the Smart Hub a few minutes later. Restart the Samsung TV after 2-3 minutes and download the apps without space issues.

Lastly, Factory Reset the Samsung TV…

Samsung TV users can remove all the data from the device by restoring the default settings. Press the remote’s “Home” button and navigate to the menu. Tap on “Settings” and then choose “All Settings”. Head to “General & Privacy” and choose “Reset”. 

Enter the Samsung TV’s PIN when prompted. Select “Yes” when the confirmation message appears on the TV screen. Then, Samsung will revert the TV settings to their previous state. The device will restart automatically when it completes the resetting process. Now, you can install the required apps without storage space problems.

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