Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500: Why Does it Occur & How to Fix it?

Minecraft allows you to host a server and invite any players who want to join you. These servers are known as Minecraft Realms in the game, and it is quite easy to join. You can add players to your realm or join another player’s realm without any issues. However, many players have been facing the “Minecraft Realms internal server error 500” issue lately during this procedure. 

This error might indicate various issues with the game, internet connection or your device. So, you might not always succeed in resolving it with the same method. Try out the simple troubleshooting steps given below for this common Minecraft error before contacting the support team. 

6 Ways to Fix the Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500

The problem with the Minecraft realms might have something to do with a temporary error on your device. In some cases, it might also occur due to an outdated operating system or game version. 

You can usually fix this Minecraft error with at least one of the following steps:

  1. Preliminary Troubleshooting

You must try out some quick solutions to the error before moving on to the actual solutions. Start by checking your Minecraft game settings and making the necessary changes. This will fix the problem quite effectively in many cases. If that does not work, you might want to look for any Minecraft updates. 

Restarting your device can also fix the Minecraft Realms internal server error 500 in many cases. You can also try updating your device’s system for a solution. Try out the next solution if none of these preliminary fixes is working. 

  1. Check for a Server Outage

Server outages are not very uncommon on Minecraft, as you might know. So, you must check whether the server you try to join is running accurately. You can use various online tools for that purpose or simply try switching to another server. 

Check Minecraft Server Status

You can find an up-to-date status of Minecraft servers online if required. All you need to do is visit the website and provide the name of the server facing the error. Does it show a server outage? If yes, then you must wait until it is running again. 

Join Another Server

You must consider joining another server if that is possible to detect the problem. If you can join it, the server you have been trying to connect to is possibly down. Otherwise, there might be an issue with your internet connection or device among other issues. 

  1. Fix the Internet Connection

You might face the Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500 due to a bad internet connection, as mentioned earlier. So, you should check for any network issues and fix them if you find any. 

Restart the Router

Your Wi-Fi performance might often deteriorate when your router is constantly running. Restarting the router can offer you an immediate solution in such situations. Turn off your router for at least a minute and check on the problem when you turn it back on. 

Switch to an Ethernet Connection

Are you using a Wi-Fi network? You must consider switching to an ethernet connection for better performance. This should improve your network’s speed and enhance its overall performance in most cases. 

Run a Speed Test

The Minecraft Realms internal error of 500 might also indicate a slow wired internet connection. So, you must run a speed test using one of the reliable tools available. Then, reach out to your service provider if the internet is slower than it should be. 

Check for an Outage

Are you unable to access the internet using your router? In that case, you must check whether your area has a service outage. Contact your ISP to inquire about this problem if required. Also, you must make sure whether your data plan has expired. 

  1. Stop Unwanted Background Programs

The Minecraft Realms internal server error 500 might also have something to do with your background processes. Many of these programs might use internet bandwidth and slow down the network. So, you must consider closing the background processes for an effective solution to the error. 

You can accomplish this task in a few simple steps regardless of your device’s platform. Go to the Task Manager if you use a PC to find all the background processes. You must avoid shutting down any essential programs that your device must run. 

Go back to Minecraft and check whether the problem persists. If it does, you have to try out some other effective solutions. 

  1. Delete all Your Minecraft UUID Files

The error you are facing also indicates corrupt files in your game folder. In this case, it might have something to do with the UUID files. So, open your Minecraft folder and the world folder given inside the server folder. Then, open the “players” folder to find your UUID game files. 

You must delete all of these files to ensure an effective solution to the error. So, select all of them, right-click on your mouse and opt to delete them. Retry connecting to your Minecraft server once you are done checking the problem. You can try this solution anytime the Minecraft Realm internal server error 500 occurs again. 

  1. Remove Mods and Resource Packs and Disable Plugins

Did you start facing the error after installing a specific mod or a resource pack? In that case, you must delete it to resolve the error if nothing else works. The mod you have installed might be incompatible with your game or system versions. So, find the folders for the mods and resource packs that seem to be causing the problem and delete them. 

You might regularly use plugins on your computer for various purposes. In that case, you must try disabling these plugins to resolve the Minecraft error. Try to connect with the server once you are done and check whether the error occurs again. 

Contact the Minecraft Support Team

Reinstalling Minecraft might be the only solution if none of the aforementioned ones is working. However, you might not want to do that right away in some cases. Reach out to the Minecraft support team if you are not sure what you must do. 

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