Loot not Detecting Skyrim SE : 5 Methods to Fix the Issue

The gamers of Skyrim and Skyrim SE are encountering issues based on loot. The game is actually unable to detect the loot feature. The game keeps on searching for loot, but after some time, either the game is crashing or showing a “loot not detecting Skyrim SE” error message. There is nothing to worry about, as this is not a big issue and you can resolve it. 

Load Order Optimization Tool (LOOT), a type of game plugin that detects load for the game Skyrim and Skyrim SE. The plugin is designed for the optimization of the game load order in different types of modules. Sometimes, a conflict might take place when the loots are designed by different developers. 

There are certain reasons that are preventing the game from detecting the items of loot — The direct play through the PC, unexpected running of loot from MO2, the feature of loot cannot find the correct path and many more. Before you opt for the solutions, go through some useful tips. Close the gaming platform, restart the system, start the gaming platform, and verify the game system files. 

Loot not Detecting Skyrim SE: Troubleshooting Steps

Before you start, make sure that the game, as well as the gaming platform, is updated to its new version. Any outdated version will restrict you to eliminate the error. 

1. Play through Steam

Many people prefer to play Skyrim or Skyrim SE directly through their computers. In doing so, they might face the loot not detecting Skyrim SE error. So, it’s better to play the game on a gaming platform. According to the gamers, Steam is the best option and you can easily get along with it. 

2. Is the Game Files Running Properly? Let’s verify

Navigate to the “Library” of Steam, the gaming platform and open the Properties. Choose “Verify Integrity of Game Files”. Wait until the task is over. Hopefully, this will resolve the “loot not detecting Skyrim SE” issue. One more thing, after the verification, if any file is missing, you can easily get it from the official support website. 

3. Does Skyrim or Skyrim SE have Admin Rights?

It seems that you are facing loot not detecting the Skyrim SE issue because of one possible reason – It is the missing administrator rights. Navigate to the system drive and find out the setup file of the game. Right-click and choose “Run as Administrator”. The game will eventually open without any errors in the loot plugin. You can also navigate to the Compatibility tab of the Setup File Properties, check “Run this program as an administrator” and select Apply. 

4. Change the Path of Game System Data

It seems that the destination of the game file is set to some other location. As per the tech experts, you must set the game location to the system drive (C:). Copy all the files of the game and transfer them to the system drive. Now, try to launch the game. If the game doesn’t open, manually delete all the files and uninstall the game. After that, try installing the game. When you opt for the process of installation a path shows up, there select the system drive. Hopefully, this will resolve the loot not detecting Skyrim SE issue. 

5. Remove the Game

Removing the game completely from Steam will obviously remove all the game systems as well as the registry files. Restart the system as well as the Steam, install the game once again. Hopefully, you will not face the issue anymore.

Modification of Skyrim Files

Modifying some Skyrim system files might help you to fix the loot not detecting Skyrim SE issues. Navigate to the system drive and find the Loot sub-folder in the AppData main folder. Now, search for the YAML extension file, it is the text directory of the Loot folder. The file looks like a Microsoft Word document or Notepad text file. 

You can either use Microsoft Word or the upgraded Notepad++ file to open it. According to the gaming experts, you can also delete the files. In doing so, the game will automatically download the new files during its compilation and runtime. 

Do you want an Automatic Repair?

If the above processes won’t work, you might take the help of a tool. Select a good system repair tool, install it and scan the system. This will help you to find any errors. Don’t worry, the tool itself will fix the loot not detecting Skyrim SE and other possible issues, automatically. 

Some Useful Instructions

If you are using Windows 7 OS, then the Loot autoplay option might not appear after the installation of the game. Therefore, you might have to separately open the Loot setup file to run the installer. Make sure you follow all the instructions in the Installation Wizard. If you witness any faulty or error associated with the Loot files, try to remove them from your system and get new files. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is loot folder?

The game’s files are stored in this sub-folder by LOOT. Each game must have its own sub-folder. This is the master file. The main master file for the game. 

How do I get loot to recognize Skyrim?

In order for LOOT to recognize your game, it must be run on Steam at least once! Use Steam to open it, then exit after the splash menu has loaded. 

Does loot automatically sort order?

Sorting first, by default, refreshes the master listUsing their internal data and whatever metadata they may have, LOOT then creates load order for your plugins.
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