Fix iPhone Not Showing Up In Windows Explorer With Easy Solutions

Apple is one of the most trusted brands in the world. Among the products by Apple, the iPhone is the most valuable product of the brand. It is a much popular product for its latest features. Sometimes iPhone users want to import photos and videos but they always face a common issue ‘iPhone Not Showing Up In Windows Explorer’. If you faced this type of critical issue, then don’t think that you are alone. You will need some guidelines to fix your issue. Hence, we will provide you with some solutions to resolve your problem. We will analyze the causes of this problem and show you the easiest solution to solve your issue. Read this article thoroughly and follow all the steps given below to solve your problem:

Primary Reasons Behind iPhone Not Showing Up Issue:-

The USB cord is broken or the cable not working is the most common reason for this issue.

Windows users can only allow sharing photos and video from Camera Roll if your computer’s Camera Roll is empty, then your iPhone will not show up.

One of the critical reasons is your USB port not working on your computer.

Many times, the reason for iPhone or PC cannot be clearly defined which causes this type of problem.

However, these are some primary causes that spring up this issue.

Proper Ways To Fix iPhone Not Showing Up In Windows Explorer Issue:-

If you are a frequent user of iPhone, then you might have noticed this type of an issue but this is a common issue. Hence, it can be solved from your home itself. Thus, roll up your sleeves and use all these steps which are below given all are steps are very useful, don’t skip any:-

Step 1:- Update Windows

One of the main reasons behind this error is the Windows files. Thes links can be tried easily:



After the download process is complete, install them and then, follow the instruction.

You must be able to show your Apple iPhone under the section This PC.

Step 2:- Update Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

One of the important things you need to consider is updating Apple Mobile Device USB Driver on your device. Outdated Apple Mobile Device USB can cause you suddenly appear this problem.

Manually Update:-

You can manually update The Apple Mobile Device USB Driver by going to Apple support then search the recent correct driver. Now, choose which driver is compatible with your Windows 10 device.

Automatic Update:-

If you don’t have any energy or time you can update the driver automatically with Driver Easy option. Driver Easy will automatically check your device and look for the right Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. You don’t need to know what system running on your computer, you don’t need to worry about the mistake when installing process is running. Follow this process how you do it;

  • At first, Install and Download Driver Easy menu.
  • Now, Run Driver Easy menu then click on the Scan Now option. Driver Easy scan your device, if it has any problem, it will be detected.
  • For automatically downloading Apple Mobile USB Device click on the Update button. or
  • Click on the Update All button to automatically install the latest version of all drivers.
  • Check if your device shows up in the Windows 10 file explorer.

Step 3:- Switch Active Driver

For a backdated driver you can face this error. But no worries just a simple step to fix your issue. How you do it:
First of all, press the Windows key+X button from your keyboard at the same time and click on the Device Manager option. Open Universal Serial Bus Controllers option. Go to the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver and double-click on it. After that, open the Driver tab then click on the Update Driver menu.

Now, click on the Browse My Computer For Driver Software and go to the Let Me Pick From A List Device On My Computer option. Then click on the MTP USB Device menu and click on the Next button to continue.

If you getting a notification that your iPhone Shows Up then Restart your device.

Step 4:- Confirm You Have Full Control On the iTunes Folder:

Fix your iTunes if you don’t have any control when you face this problem. Follow steps to fix iPhone Not Showing Up In Windows Explorer issue:

Pressing Windows key + E from your keyboard at the same time.
When a new page will appear to click on the Music option>go to the iTunes and right click on it now click on the Properties option.
Uncheck the option Read Only ( Only Applies To Files In Folder) which is under the General Section. Click on the Apply button then press Ok to exit and save it.
If the issue insists, check that you have full control of your iTunes folder. Open the iTunes Windows again at the same time go to the Security section and click on the Edit menu.
Now, check that you have full control over it then click Apply button to exit and save changes.

Alternative Ways:- Fixed this Issue With Control Panel

You must be fixed your problem by using the Control Panel from your device. How you do it follow the mentioned method:
Go to the Start menu on your computer click on the search box and type Devices And Printer for searching. Now Control Panel will appear.

Choose the Apple iPhone option from the column. Right, click on it a drop-down menu will appear to go to this menu and click on the Troubleshoot option.

It will find the problem as The Device Was Not Enabled. Finally, click on the Enable Service option. Then make sure that iPhone shows up in windows 10.

We hope that after using all the above methods your problem has been solved. This article will help you to fix your problem. Here are 4 top solutions and an alternative solution try all these steps then you can also tell us which process exactly fix your problem. If one step is not working then try another one.

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