Huion Tablet Pen not Working? Here are 7 Simple Ways to Fix it

Tablet pens make various tasks, such as creating handwritten notes, easier. You would also get several other benefits by using them along with the tablet. However, tablet pens are not free from problems and you might encounter various issues while using them. 

Do you rely on your Huion tablet pen a lot? 

In that case, you would want an immediate solution if it stops working suddenly. 

There could be various possible causes behind your Huion tablet pen not working. You should get an effective solution to this issue with one of the fixes given here. So, try them out before you decide to approach a professional technician. 

7 Solutions for Your Huion Tablet Pen not Working

You must make sure that you have switched on your tablet pen in case it is not working. After all, a lot of people might leave their tablet pens switched off by mistake. Provided that the pen is turned on, you must consider an error in your tablet as the cause of the problem. Moreover, this problem might often have something to do with compatibility or driver issues. 

Here are the fixes that can help you resolve the problem in most cases:

  1. Restart Your Tablet

Before blaming the pen for the problem, you must find and fix any issues with the tablet. Restarting the device would be the best way to do that immediately. So, turn off the device or perform a restart on it right away. Let it remain off for a minute if you decide to proceed with the former. 

Check whether you can use the pen with the tablet after the restart. Then, try out the next solution if you find the Huion tablet pen not working.

  1. Change Sleep Mode Settings

Did you start facing the problem after your tablet wakes up from Sleep mode? If yes, then you are not alone as a lot of people have reported the same issue. You can usually fix the issue by disabling the Sleep mode in such situations. So, you must check your Sleep mode settings and make the necessary changes. 

Go to the System section in your Settings on your Windows tablet and click on “additional power settings” under Related Settings. Then, click on the ‘Change plan settings’ option given on the Power Options Control Panel. Change the option next to ‘Put the computer to sleep’ to ‘Never’ before checking on the problem. 

Does the ‘Huion pen not working’ persist after you take this step? 

You must consider other possible causes for the problem and apply the fixes accordingly. 

  1. Low Battery On the Pen

This is one of the obvious reasons for the Huion pen not functioning with your tablet. So, you must check for a low battery on the device, if you have not done that already. Connect it to the charger for some time, if required, before trying out the pen again. 

You might sometimes fail to fix this issue only by charging the device. In such cases, the Huion pen not working might indicate a hardware problem or an outdated driver. You might have to get a replacement for the pen as soon as possible in case of hardware problems. 

  1. Update the Drivers

Your tablet might fail to work with the Huion pen due to one or more outdated drivers. So, you must find and install any driver updates available for your tablet. You can do that manually through the Device Manager on a Windows system. Alternatively, you can also simply use a driver update for automatic updates. 

Does the pen start working properly after the driver updates? 

If yes, then you should not face any driver-related problems with it for a long time. However, you might want to try updating your device’s system if the latest drivers are not available. 

  1. Update Your Tablet’s Operating System

You might not get the latest driver systems on your tablet due to an outdated system. So, you must look for any available system updates for your device. Installing the latest system version might fix the Huion pen not working in your case. You can then check whether the latest driver updates on your tablet. 

Follow the previous method for updating the drivers if you are using a Windows system after the OS update. You might find the Huion pen not working fixed once you are done. 

  1. Check the Compatibility of the Pen

The pen might be incompatible with your tablet if it is not functioning. So, you must check the compatibility of the pen to make sure whether that is the case. Using it with another device can be a simple way to fix the issue. 

You can also check its compatibility on the internet or from the product’s details. If it is incompatible with your tablet, that explains the Huion pen not working in your case. So, you might want to get another pen for your tablet and use the touchscreen functionality until then. 

  1. Disable Windows Ink

The problem you are facing with the Huion pen might also have something to do with the Windows Ink feature. A lot of people have been able to fix the issue by disabling Windows Ink after all. 

So, you might want to try the same solution if none of the aforementioned fixes worked. Click on the Huion icon to open the pen’s interface and open the Stylus Pen settings. 

Do you find the box next to “enable Windows Ink” checked there? 

If yes, then you must uncheck it right away and exit Settings to check on the problem. This might fix the Huion pen not working effectively in many cases. 

Alternative Solutions can You Try

You can fix the problem with the aforementioned fixes in most cases. If all of them are ineffective, you must try changing the pen pressure sensitivity and enabling Support TabletPC on the pen’s control panel. Replacing your Huion tablet pen would be the most effective solution if it is damaged. 

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