Fix: Final Fantasy XIV Error Code: i2501 – Square Enix Error

Facing an unexpected error in any game or other application is indeed a frustrating experience. It’s obvious that you need to avoid such situations to maintain the perfect workflow. However, if you face the error code: i2501 and seek solutions, let us first tell you why this error generally occurs. You can witness an issue in the Final Fantasy XIV game during the Square Enix Payment method. 

First, take a look at the causes of the error in the Final Fantasy XIV game, and they are—- activation of proxy or VPNs, presence of advertisement extensions, error in payment methods, wrong PIN, payment attempted more than three times, incorrect bank account credentials and many more. So, here are some effective methods that will work as solutions to the issue. 

The Error Code: i2501 — Fix it with Quick Methods

Before heading towards the solutions, make sure that your internet connection is working properly. In addition to that, verify your bank account. There must be enough savings to make a successful payment. 

1. Internet Proxy or VPN, Deactivate it

A VPN or a Proxy will help you to add another security layer regarding various types of payments. In addition to that, it also provides privacy to the internet connection. On making payments in the game, there are some banks that restrict the use of VPN and Proxy.

Search the “Connections” and “LAN Settings” section in your system where the Proxy settings are located. There will be two options present, obviously with two toggle buttons — One is “Automatically detect settings” and the other is “Use setup script”. Drag the toggle button and turn them off. 

2. Remove or Eliminate the Advertisement Blockers

It’s obvious that you want to avoid several types of advertisements while playing Final Fantasy XIV or visiting any website. According to the tech experts, the ad blockers don’t interfere with any type of payment procedure. But, the process of removing it might help you to resolve the error code: i2501. 

Go to the “Tools” option of the browser and navigate to the “Extensions”. If there are multiple extensions present, search for the ad blocker. After that, remove the extension. Now, close the browser, wait for some time and then re-open it, again. 

3. Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

Just as the system cache, the browser also deposits residual files in it while browsing various websites, one after another. In addition to that, the browser history also triggers various types of complications, and one of them is the error code: i2501. So, the best option is to delete all the cache, and cookies as well as all the browser history. Navigate to the browser options, find out the browser history and delete them all. After that, take care of the cookies and browser cache files with the help of “Clear Data”. 

4. The Incognito Mode: For Mozilla Firefox

When you are making the payment for the game, it seems that things are not working out correctly with the existing browser. Therefore, you can opt for another browser, and Mozilla Firefox can be a better alternative. But, according to the experts, you must not use the normal mode of the Firefox browser, opt for Incognito Mode. Hopefully, this will eliminate the error code: i2501.

5. Forget about PC, Opt for a Smartphone Payment

It is very easy to make online payments using a computer. But, it seems that you are facing the error code: i2501. So, what if you try out the payment with the help of a smartphone or a tablet? It might be effective. Navigate to the official website of Square Enix, follow all the instructions given there. 

Hold your Patience?

When you face error code: i2501 during payment in the Square Enix, you could try one more time. If you still face the error, then it’s better not to try another time, on the same day. There might be server or link issues in the host payment gateway. Here, you cannot do anything but wait for a day. 

Seek help from the Customer Support

The support website of Square Enix will assist you regarding the failed payment. Get a digital ticket and provide all the details like the error code: i2501, name of the item that you are trying to purchase, the type of payment method you used, ID number, the type of credit card, your name, country name, region, bank name and number of times you were rejected. If you don’t get a response within a day, then contact them through the toll-free number. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find my Square Enix ID?

You can use SQUARE ENIX Management System if you’ve forgotten your SQUARE ENIX ID or password and select the “Obsolete ID or password?” option on the “Log In” button. You can retrieve SQUARE ENIX ID and/or your password by following onscreen instructions.

Why can’t I log into my Square Enix account?

Make sure your password is properly entered. Please try another browser and manually deactivate any additions or temporarily disable an incognito or private navigation session. Please try to reset the log in screen password feature. Then, you get an email to assist with your password reset.

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