Fix Firefox Error: File could not be Saved, because the Source File could not be Read

Your Firefox browser often fails to read a source file when you try to download something. As a result, you get an error message “file could not be saved”. Most Firefox users have probably come across this error at least once. And, this problem still seems to be quite a common one on the Firefox browser. 

Do you keep getting the message “file could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.”? You can usually fix this issue all by yourself, regardless of your device. 

Here, we will look at some simple fixes for this common Firefox problem. 

7 Methods to Fix Firefox’s Failure to Save Files

There are many possible reasons why Firefox failed to save the file you selected. And, you need to apply the right solution depending on the cause. You can fix the “file could not be saved error” with the following methods in most cases: 

Fix the Internet Connection

Internet problems are probably the most common reason for failing to save your browser files. So, you must fix internet problems before you move on to other solutions. 

Check the Wi-Fi signal strength on your device if you are using a wireless connection. Bring the router and connected device closer if the signal is weak. 

Extending your router’s network can also help you fix the internet issue over the long term. 

If required, you must forget the network and connect to it again to refresh the connection. 

What if you are using an ethernet connection? Make sure you have set up the connection properly. Replace it if required to get a better internet performance. Then, check whether Firefox can save the files. 

Disable the Firefox Extensions

Are you using an extension on Firefox? Then, that might cause the “file could not be saved, because the source file could not be read” message. So, you must take the necessary steps to fix file could not be saved, because the source file could not be read issue in such situations. 

In other words, you need to disable all the Firefox extensions that are enabled. You would not have to get rid of them in most cases. 

Open the browser settings and navigate to the extensions section. Then, turn off any extension you find enabled there before checking on the issue. You should be able to save files using Firefox after taking this step. 

But, if you still cannot do so, you need to look for the problem elsewhere and fix it. 

Remove the Corrupted Compreg.dat File

The compreg.dat file is a crucial component of your Firefox browser. And, like all other files on your device, it might get damaged under various circumstances. The only way to fix the browser performance issues in such cases is by deleting the file. 

In case you are wondering, you would not have to create it. Firefox will regenerate a compreg.dat file after you delete the original one. 

A corrupted compreg.dat file can cause the “could not save file issue”. So, enter “about:support” on a new browser tab to open the Troubleshoot Information page. Go to Application Basics and find the Profile Folder option there. Click on the Open Folder next to it and delete the compreg.dat file there. 

Relaunch the browser after this step and try to save the file again. You might not see the error message again this time. If the problem persists, you can fix it by making more changes to your Firefox configuration. 

Remove Read-Only Mode from the “places.sqlite” File

The issue you are facing might have something to do with a file named “places.sqlite”. If you have set this file to read-only mode, that can cause a failure to save files on Firefox. So, you must check whether you have done that unknowingly. 

To proceed, you must go to the address “about:support” on your Firefox browser. 

Navigate to the Firefox Profile folder and click on Open Folder. Then, find the places.sqlite file there and open its Properties section. 

Do you find the Read-only option checked next to Attribute? Then, uncheck it and click on OK and Apply before leaving the window. 

You must relaunch the Firefox browser on your device before you check on the problem. If you have identified the cause correctly, this method can usually offer you a long-lasting solution.  

Disable Your VPN

Are you using a VPN while trying to save the file? Then, that might cause the failure in your case. As many users have reported, disabling the VPN fixes the error on their devices. You might want to try out the same method to get a solution. 

Exit your browser and launch the VPN app. Then, disable the VPN service and go back to your Firefox browser. Try to save the file again to check whether the browser succeeds this time. If it fails again, you must reset the browser for an effective solution. 

Reset Your Firefox Browser

Does your browser still keep failing to read the source file? Then, you must finally reset it to get an effective solution. You can do that through the Troubleshooting Information section on the address “about:support”. Look for the Refresh Firefox button and click on it to reset it to original settings. Confirm your decision to proceed with this step and wait until the refresh is accomplished. 

Relaunch the browser and try to save the file that you failed to save earlier. If the problem persists, that might indicate damage to the current Firefox installation. 

Reinstall Firefox

Do you keep failing to save files on Firefox after trying all the aforementioned steps? Then, you must get rid of the browser’s current installation and its data. Then, download and install Firefox once again on your device. This would surely resolve the  “file could not be saved, because the source file could not be read issue.

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