Fix AOL Error Code 104 With Instant Hacks

AOL mail is a renowned and widely used free email service provider. It is used by millions of users across the globe. Moreover, with the advancement in technology and updates, the user sometimes finds it hard to look for the necessary things that they were used to doing with the older versions. AOL is well known for its benefits but at times users do not find a way out to resolve AOL error code 104. The error might cause due to reasons like incomplete installation of the AOL software.

So, in order to mitigate all the worries, follow the whole guide properly. Moreover, there are numerous methods to resolve the issue at the earliest. So, take the necessary help by reading out the whole article.

Common Symptoms Of AOL Error Code 104

There are some symptoms behind this error. So, when this type of error occurs, you will find that the system often crashes. Also, there will be sluggish behavior on the performance of the system, keyboard, and mouse. Lastly, there will be sudden freezing of the computer.

Probable Reasons Behind AOL Error Code 104

Like the symptoms, there are many reasons behind the AOL error code 104 to occur. So, here are some of the reasons that you need to look after before proceeding to the solutions:

  • The error can occur when one tries to install a program.
  • Installing software related to AOL can also be the cause of the error code 104.
  • The problem can also occur during the time of startup and shutdown of Windows.
  • Corruption of the AOL Instant Messenger and improper installation can also cause error 104.

Easy Hacks To Fix AOL Error Code 104

There are 4 effective ways by which you can easily resolve the error. Just follow the steps and wait until the problem resolves.

Fix 1: Clean Up Temporary Files

From your system, delete all the temporary files because it acquires a lot of memory space and can be a leading factor behind the error. Open the Run dialogue box by pressing the Windows and the R key simultaneously. In the Run dialogue box, type in ‘temp.’ This will help you search the temporary files. Now, delete the required files. After removing it, find whether the error still exists.

Fix 2: Scan The Device

It is very important to check and scan the devices as they can cause such errors and might damage the device. So for this, have a regular scanning of the system and delete the malware. Also, you turn the Windows Firewall on in order to scan the device and delete the malware and virus. This method is very effective and can easily fix AOL Error Code 104.

Fix 3: Install All Available Updates

Updating the Operating System can also reduce the chance of AOL error code 104 happening. Basically, you will find with the improvement of technology, there is an update available every day. So in order to install the update, open the device and click on the Start menu first and find whether there is an update available currently. You will get the desired information about the updates inside the Windows Update dialogue box. Once the update is over, we hope the error will remove.

Fix 4: Perform Clean Installation Of Windows

If after trying all the fixes the error still exists, then reinstall the Windows. It often happens that an error occurs due to hard drive issues. So, reinstalling Windows will help you to remove the error instantly. Wait until the update takes place and restart the device.

Hope you have eliminated the AOL error code 104. However, if you still have any queries on the same, contact us through our official website. Moreover, comment on our official website, so that we can understand how helpful the article was for you.

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