5 Best Free & Paid Screen Recorder For Mac

Are you looking for a tool that can capture just about anything on your Mac screen? Here are the five best Screen Recorder software that can record your screen seamlessly.

We often come across some situations where we need to capture our PC’s screen. You may want to record a tutorial for reviewing or show an issue to your friends that you face while working on your computer.

Screen recording software is the most effective means to share information accurately.

We will provide you with an insight into the features of the top-rated screen recorders for Mac.

Top Video Screen Capture on Mac

Movavi Screen Recorder

You might have heard about many applications that can perform video screen capture on Mac, but there is hardly another software with as many features as Movavi.

It is an easy-to-use and reliable software that can capture any video and audio on your Mac screen and edit them with HD output.

This computer program is suitable for any user as it has a straightforward and intuitive interface.

Key Features

  •       Record any kind of screen activities such as video calls, screencasts, and online streaming videos.
  •       It can capture audio from multiple sources simultaneously.
  •       Allows you to capture screenshots and edit them.
  •       Includes an in-built editor.
  •       Allows you to save captured contents in any format.
  •       Its SuperSpeed mode allows saving videos within fractions of a second.
  •       Let you share videos on online streaming platforms.

You might like to download the free version of Movavi Screen Recorder from their official website to test the software before purchasing a paid license.


  •       The interface is user-friendly and, at the same time, well-designed.
  •       Allows real-time editing of videos and annotations.
  •       Video Editor Suite lets you manipulate any video effortlessly.
  •       The Interface is optimized in thirteen different languages.


  •       The free trial period of seven days seems too short for such engaging software.
  •       The interface is a bit slow, but you would expect that from an application with so many features.
  •       Rather than this, we cannot find a shortcoming for Movavi Screen Recorder.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

OBS is more of a video streaming software than a screen recorder, but it has all the necessary screen capturing features.

Most screen recording software comes at a high price, and the free versions do not include many essential features.

OBS is one of the very few software that is free as well as enriched with advanced features. It is a powerful screencasting tool that you can use for recording as well.

As this software is not a dedicated screen recorder, you can not expect similar quality as its competitors may offer.


  •       Free video streaming and screen recording tool.
  •       Allows you to stream on the major platforms for free.
  •       Includes more than twenty plugins to enhance functionality.


  •       The software is not optimized for Windows XP.
  •       It does not allow you to link to an audio file as a source.


Screen-O-Matic is a free utility that many professionals use for video screen capture on Mac. It also has a paid subscription that includes more powerful features.

This application primarily has four main functions: capturing screenshots, recording screens, editing files, and uploading content online.

You can use this software to upload images and video files on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Drive. Moreover, its premium subscription allows you to publish content on other platforms like Vimeo and Dropbox.

Screen-O-Matic can make an excellent video recording tool for Mac, especially for beginners and freelancers. However, it lacks many advanced features available with other brands like Movavi, even in their premium package.


  •       The application is optimized for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Chromebook.
  •       User-friendly interface with easy-to-understand instructions.
  •       Low Price.
  •       Allow you to record the screen and webcam simultaneously.


  •       Free membership does not offer any video editing tool.
  •       Does not allow real-time editing.
  •       The free version has a limitation of 15 minutes.
  •       Content is recorded in poor quality.


The built-in media player of Mac, QuickTime, can be used for screen recording as well. This all-around software allows you to watch videos and clips, record and edit files, partial screen capturing, and audio capturing from multiple sources.

Apart from being a media player and a screen recording tool, QuickTime is perfect for editing videos as it allows you to trim clips and join small clips to make a single video.

As this software is designed by Apple, you do not need to worry about how good it is optimized for Mac.

QuickTime has a simple interface that anybody can navigate effortlessly and a very effective management system.


  •       The Windows version can work with iTunes files.
  •       It supports all the major video, audio, and picture formats with codecs.
  •       Offers an easy-to-navigate Interface.
  •       Offers robust subtitles control.
  •       The software has integrated hardware acceleration for smooth playback, even for HD videos.


  •       The brand has discontinued the free version for Windows.
  •       None of the advanced features are included in the free version.
  •       Does not allow screen recording over other applications.


ScreenCapture is a robust online screen recording tool that lets you capture anything on your screen with just a couple of clicks.

It is hard to find another software that is as effective as ScreenCapture and equally easy-to-use.

This fantastic screen recording tool is designed for all operating systems and devices. It offers powerful screen recording that you can save in any media format. The Around Mouse mode of this software allows you to highlight a specific portion of the recorded content.

Along with many advanced features, it offers partial screen capturing. And you can use the Full-screen mode to record your entire screen. Switching between these two recording modes is a breeze, and this makes ScreenCapture the ultimate screen recording solution.


  •       User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  •       The free version includes many advanced features.
  •       The premium subscription comes at a low price.
  •       Online screen recording solution. That means you do not even need to install this software to use it.
  •       Partial and entire screen capturing.
  •       Allows you to switch between modes effortlessly.


  •       The software has some glitches here and there, nothing major, though.
  •       Does not allow real-time editing.
  •       Poorly optimized. Has some functionality issues, especially on iOS and Mac.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our top five screen recorder for Mac review has helped you find the perfect software you were looking for. All these applications are the best performers in the market.

It was challenging to choose the best screen recorder for Mac from our list. Without a doubt, the top two applications are Movavi and ScreenCapture.

Considering all the aspects, including the price, features, and performance, we would prefer the Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac.

But you must decide which is the right choice for you according to your requirements and budget.

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