Resolve FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files [Quick Guide]

Final Fantasy is one of the tremendously celebrated games out of Square Enix. It came with its very first installments in 2010 and widely enjoyed since then. But, even in Final Fantasy XIV, there are several errors that interrupt the gameplay. One such problem is when the FFXIV unable to download patch files.

Many users have noticed the same problem with Final Fantasy XIV while they are trying to download the updates and/or install the game. It is really frustrating to see this error message popping up on the screen, disrupting the download of the game. And it restricts you to download the patch files of the game.

Furthermore, if your wait, as well as the attempts of reinstalling Final Fantasy, hasn’t worked out well, then, this guide will help you well. So, let’s first know the causes which might land you in such a situation with your favorite game.

Know the Causes Triggering the Issue Up

There are some particular causes that might get you restless when you are in Final Fantasy and you are unable to download patch files FFXIV. Here, we lay them down:

  1. Issues with Porting or Routing – Misconfiguration of the ports or incorrect routing of the paths of download is an obvious reason behind such an issue. This is one of the most common cases that we find catching gamers all around the globe in distress. VPNs serve an important role here.
  2. Firewall – Antiviruses and their respective firewalls are really the software that can exceed their limitations when it comes to software/programs. Many programs fail to run properly or worse, run at all due to the restrictions of the existing firewall of the system. Hence, this case is simply not an exception. The firewall operating on your system can withhold all access to the software or the files that you are installing. Furthermore, the firewall can exercise its restrictions on the servers’ end or on your computer’s end.

We have researched and developed some solutions which would certainly prove efficient in getting you free of this error in Final Fantasy XIV.

A Bit of Information

Before you go about the process that we are going to describe next, temporarily disable the antivirus that you have got. This is because antiviruses are pretty notorious for causing errors like these. And rather than uninstalling the antivirus, disabling it would seal the deal here. You can do this if you simply right-click on the icon of the antivirus.

Next, you need to choose the Disable option. But, if there are no such options, then open the antivirus window from the relevant icon in the system tray. And then, look for the Disable option in there.

Fixing FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files Here and Now

Though “FFXIV unable to download patch files” is an error that brings the users tremendous worries, it has also got effective solutions. Therefore, if you are facing this error and want to resolve it, you need not trouble yourself much. Here, we are with all the necessary comprehensible steps that you are seeking:

1st Method – A VPN to your Advantage

Most often after the users note that they are unable to download patch files FFXIV PS4, they have gone for the VPN. Here, VPN, when used for the path file download, sorts the issue out. The reason is that a VPN alters the route where the file is set to be downloaded.

The choice of VPNs is numerous. Therefore, you can use download any one of them and install it. After that, run the VPN at your convenience and then go for the download.

Additional Tips

All who have used a VPN previously must be aware of the fact that an active VPN slows the system in general. Hence, there is a clever way to let your computer always work fast. What you can do is to wait just before the point when the error pops up.

For instance, if the error shoots up when the file is downloaded 590 Mb and you know that the error occurs here. Then, you can immediately switch the VPN on at this juncture of time to avoid the error. Once you complete the download, you can again go back to the normal situation, that is, without the VPN in use.

Basically, you won’t be facing this issue in every file that you try to download. However, the files that you will find the problems in, you can keep the VPN on your system handy.

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2nd Method – Setting the DNS Server Settings Afresh

Making adjustments in the DNS servers is a dominant move towards fixing multiple issues. If the DNS server is changed to level3 DNS servers or Google’s DNS servers, it simply marks the termination of several errors, which are otherwise considered powerful. So, for changing the DNS the steps are as follows:

  1. Tap the Windows key along with the letter “R”.
  2. Now, type “ncpa.cpl” and press the Enter button.
  3. Scout out the network connection you are in and then go for Properties.
  4. Here you need to double-click on the tab which says Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) which is in the This connection uses the following items: section.
  5. Next, choose the option Use the following DNS server addresses.
  6. After that, type beside the Preferred DNS Server.
  7. And type in the section where you will see the Alternate DNS server.
  8. Then, check the option to validate settings upon exit by clicking on the box beside it.
  9. Now, click on OK and again go for OK. This will put the changes in effect.
  10. Here, tap the Windows keys.
  11. Then, type “cmd” in the search box that you will find over there.
  12. As you will find Command Prompt, left-click on the option Run as Administrator from the list of the results.
  13. Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.
  14. In here, you need to write ipconfig /release and press Enter.
  15. Next, type ipconfig /renew followed by an Enter.
  16. Now, you can close the Command Prompt window if you wish to.

Additional Tips

This will surely resolve the issue without much of a hassle. But in case the error is still there, then you can follow the given instructions below:

  • Firstly, you need to go through the steps mentioned from 1-5 in the aforementioned steps under Method 2.
  • As you find Preferred DNS Server, type in
  • Here, in the segment where you will see Alternate DNS Server, type
  • Now, go for the option Validate Settings upon Exit.
  • Here, click OK and then select OK again.
  • Finally, follow steps 10-16 laid above.

3rd Method – Set the Settings of the Firewall Appropriately

Firewalls are quite notorious to mingle with numerous software. As your firewall regulates the influx of data to your computer, it also tends to stop the downloads too. Thus, turning the firewall off is a wonderful measure to get rid of the issue with the FFXIV unable to download patch files 30413.


As firewalls are something crucial with regards to your computer and the security of the same. Hence, you should attempt it at your own risk. Most importantly, don’t forget to turn the firewall back on to make your system protected again.

You can go through the steps to switch the Firewall off without a bother:

  1. Press the Windows key and the letter “R” simultaneously.
  2. Type “firewall.cpl” and then tap the Enter button.
  3. Now, choose the option where you will see Turn the Windows Firewall on or off.
  4. Once you are in here, left-click on the option which says Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended). This option is to be selected for both the Public Network Settings and the Private Network Settings.
  5. Finally, click OK.

Once, you are done with the methods and applied them diligently, you can try to download the patch files again.

4th Method – From the Documents, Remove the Folder

If all of the above methods fail to work in your case, what you can do is to delete a specific folder associated with Final Fantasy XIV. After you have gone ahead and deleted it, you can try downloading the patch files and it should work absolutely fine.

The steps to delete the folder are mentioned below:

  • Hold the letter “E” and the key with the Windows logo on together. You will get the File Explorer as you perform this.
  • Click on the Documents that you will see on the left pane.
  • Double-click on My Games.
  • Choose Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn by double-clicking on it.
  • Double-click Downloads.
  • Then, double-click Patch.
  • Now, right-click on the folder titled 4e9a232b. After that, from the list of the available options, click on Delete to wipe it off.

As you will get the folder deleted from your system, try to run Steam in offline mode and then, patch the files once again now.

These instructions would undoubtedly resolve the issue if you discover that the FFXIV Unable To Download Patch Files. For more such interesting and informative articles, stay glued with us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does my Ffxiv download keep stopping?

Your firewall could also be the source of the problem. Your firewall, which allows or prevents data from accessing your computer, could be preventing the download. You might try turning off the firewall for a few moments to see if it addresses the problem.

How do I repair my Ffxiv launcher?

1. Restart the game and the computer.
2. Turn off the Firewall.
3. As Administrator, run the Launcher.
4. The SSL Certificate is being changed.
5. FFXIV Boot.cfg File Tweaking.

Can you launch Ffxiv without steam?

FINAL FANTASY XIV Steam version clients can now be opened without using the Steam application, and Steam version service accounts can be managed using the usual Windows version client application.

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