Top 5 Essential Features of a Successful Business Website

Online businesses are increasingly adapting to new ways of attracting their target audience to the website, which is necessary to beat the global competition. As a result, there has been a growing emphasis on having a well-designed website among eCommerce companies to provide a better user experience to their customers. A good website design leaves a lasting impression on the visitors’ minds and, in turn, enhances the brand image of your business.  According to research reports from a comparative study of 300 companies done by McKinsey & Company, those focused on website design had a 32% higher growth in revenue on an average with 56% more shareholder returns.

How can businesses reap positive rewards with a good website design?

  • Attract new business leads

Most website visitors tend to select businesses that appear on the top of the search engine results page. As the page ranking of the websites goes down, the click-through rates also drastically reduce, due to which the website’s popularity may be affected. Brands that need to enhance their value need to focus on targeted keyword phrases related to their products. Also, a well-planned website with an eye-catching layout and content makes it easy to attract targeted visitors.

  • Create greater awareness about products

A good website improves the ability of businesses to provide better information to their targeted customers. Any brand’s success depends on marketing their products and selling them quickly to their customers. Thus, companies can connect and communicate their messages effectively using a powerful website. They can share valuable information about products and boost their conversion rates by building a loyal customer base for their business.

  • Increases customer trust in your brand

Websites that lack quality and design may not attract visitors that can significantly impact businesses with sales and revenue loss. On the other hand, professionally designed websites have a greater visual appeal and provide informative and engaging content that improves brand value. In turn, it boosts customers’ confidence, and they may even recommend your products that can skyrocket your profit-earning potential in the long term.

What are the key features that every business must focus on to create a fantastic website?

  • Fast and responsive design

Users need to have smooth and easy navigation facilities on your website so that they can quickly find the required information at a glance. Your website’s focus must be to create a lasting impression on the visitors by keeping the design simple yet attractive, and emphasizing quicker loading speed. Check out these website design examples you might want to know about. It is necessary to ensure that your website has a compelling call to action and a solid SEO strategy in place so that visitors stay for a longer duration and show interest in purchasing your products.

  • Create an engaging and informative website

One effective way to drive targeted audiences to your website is by having a pleasing and visually appealing user interface. It is good to do a bit of research on your competition and check how they have optimized and designed their websites. The website’s content needs to be specific and provide valuable information to your users and be optimized for SEO. Use high-quality backlinks and create social media profiles to share exciting information with your readers.

  • Focus on providing high-quality content

It’s necessary to engage visitors to your site by ensuring the content is fresh and relevant to your users’ needs. It’s also essential to update your business website by publishing blog posts or sharing customer testimonials that add massive value to your website. The tone of your content needs to be engaging and relevant to the needs of your target audience. One of the best ways to bring targeted traffic to your website is by encouraging comments and feedback to build engagement and maintain constant communication with them.

  • Build a trustworthy site for users

Most company websites are prone to cybersecurity threats, which makes it necessary to safeguard them against hackers. Today, most enterprises use secure encryption forms for communication using SSL certificates to provide a safe environment to their users, especially required while sharing personal information. Furthermore, RapidSSL wildcard certificates can prove to be cost-effective for enterprises as they may be used to secure multiple subdomains at the same time.

  • Provide appropriate contact information

One of the essential elements to ensure your business website’s success is to drive visitors to take specific actions to turn them into potential leads. Most customers on the website may be looking to buy products, and if they need to get further information, it may be helpful to list the contact details or update them if required. This includes the phone number, email id, and physical address. It’s always necessary to provide opportunities for customers to reach out to your business to get the required information.

responsive design

  • Create a mobile responsive site

Smartphones drive more significant traffic to websites than ever before, with online shoppers using them for purchasing products. It provides them with an easy and convenient medium for browsing different products compared with a web version. Hence, it’s necessary to offer a mobile-optimized site that adjusts the layout and content to fit the screen size.


In this ever-changing competitive environment, customers are always looking for more flexible and intuitive ways to shop online. Thus, every business must cater to their users’ specific needs by providing them with a secure and content-rich website with an excellent layout to attract them to their products. User experience is the key to every business’s success and has a vast potential to boost sales and revenue for every enterprise with an online presence. Search engines such as Google also tend to favor websites that engage and meet their users’ expectations by providing them with high rankings on the SERP.

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