Err_Name_Not_Resolved: Know the Easy Hacks to Fix it!

Err_name_not_resolved is one of the most common errors faced by Google Chrome users. The error essentially indicates that the Domain Name of the internet cannot be recovered or resolved. Essentially speaking, the Domain Name System or DNS plays a crucial role in resolving the Domain Names. In fact, the DNS is largely responsible for the resolution of any Domain related technical glitches. In this light, it must be noted that each and every domain on the set comprises of a server name. And these name servers enable the Domain Name Systems to resolve the defective Domain Names.

The fundamental cause behind the occurrence of net err_name_not_resolved is the inability of Chrome to derive access to the internet via the authorized DNS Address. However, unstable internet router issues or problems related to specific websites can also trigger such a glitch.

Potential Causes Responsible for Err_Name_Not_Resolved Issue:

Err_name_not_resolved normally occurs with an error message stating “ This webpage is not available”. Also, you may confront an error notification saying “Unable to connect to the Internet”. All these error messages indicate to the “net err_name_not_resolved”. Under this section, we are going to discuss the major causes responsible for such a hitch.

Third-Party Antivirus or Firewall: Such errors can stem from some damaging third-party antivirus as well as the Windows Firewall. Actually, sometimes such firewall and third-party antivirus the internet connections precipitating the technical glitch in question.

Proxy Server: Err_name_not_resolved  can also trigger in case you avail proxy server through your personal browser. Essentially speaking, you should avoid using proxy servers mostly. And in case you use them for any emergency purposes, you must always make it a point to remove it in time. Therefore, keep checking your proxy settings in order to combat the glitch from recurring back.

Outdated Windows Registry: The old and outdated Windows Registries can be yet another potential cause of the glitch. The outdated Registry entries give way to server issues leading to err_name_not_resolved.

Domain Name System Address: Yet another major cause behind the occurrence of the technical hitch under discussion is the incorrect address of your DNS server. You are most likely to confront the glitch if something goes wrong with the address. Additionally, you may so face the glitch if your DNS address is detected as invalid.

Defective IP Addresses. One of the pertinent causative factors responsible for the issue under speculation is the defective or faulty IP addresses.

Feasible Solutions To Redress Net Err_Name_Not_Resolved Error In Chrome:

Under this section, we shall offer you proactive solutions to combat the technical problem of “Err_Name_Not_Resolved”. Take a look

Fix 1: Refresh or Set a New IP Address

On the face of such unprecedented technical hitches, you should always start from scratch. That is you need to curb the glitch from its root. Since, internal IP Address conflicts or faulty addresses triggers the error in question, one of the easiest resort to the glitch is to change the defective or conflicting  IP address and replace it with a new one. Follow the instructions in order to execute the steps properly.

  • First and foremost, turn on the Power button of your System and click on the Start button. Thereafter, within the Search Dialog box, you need to feed in the command “ cmd”
  • Thereafter, you must launch the Command Prompt ( cmd.exe) as an Administrator. In order to do this simply right-click on Command Prompt and choose the As an Administrator Option.
  • The moment the Command Prompt Window initializes, feed in the command “netsh winsock reset catalog” within the Command Prompt Dialog Box.
  • Finally, once you are done, click on the Enter key and reboot your computer all over again.

Fix 2: Delete all the browser Cookies Present in Chrome

In case the issue lingers on, then you can try this alternative measure instead. Eliminating the cookies present on your chrome can be a potential solution to the problem. “Err_name_not_resolved” known to trigger due to the presence of too many corrupt cookies on Chrome. If such is the case, clearing them out is indeed the best resort. In order to do this, adhere to the instructions listed below.

  • Right at the beginning, you need to reach out to the Settings Page of your browser. You can effortlessly do this by means of pressing the 3 horizontally striped buttons present on the top right-end of your Browser. On clicking the button, the Menu will get initialized.
  • The moment the menu bar opens, you should scroll towards the bottom of the page and press on the option named “ Show advanced settings”
  • Following this, you will have to select the option entitled “Clear browsing data”. Thereafter check the “ Cookies and other site and plugin data” box.
  • Thereafter, from the drop-down menu choose the option “ from the beginning of time”
  • That’s it, you are almost done. All you should do after this is reboot your Chrome and check whether the issue is sorted.

Fix 3: Alter the DNS

The third alternative measure that you may take recourse to is to alter your Domain Name System. This is Panel. the most effective resort to the problem of net err_name_not_resolved. Perform the steps below.

  • First and foremost, you are required to launch the “Network and Sharing center” from the Control Panel .
  • Thereafter, you must press upon the connection you are currently using.
  • Meanwhile, a Window is going to pop up. As soon as it does, press on Properties. Thereafter, another Window is going to open up comprising of the option entitled “ Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/iPv4)”.
  • As soon as you find the option, double-click on it adjusting the Settings of the option accordingly to your requirements.
  • After making the necessary changes, press the OK button and the issue should trouble you no more,

Fix 4: Try Deactivating the Chrome Prediction Service

The Prediction Services can damage your DNS Address precipitating the “Err_name_not_resolved” error. You can fix the glitch by deactivating the service. Undermentioned are the directions to do so.

  • Reach out to the Settings Application of your Device. From there move over to Advanced Settings and then finally to Privacy Settings.
  • Under Privacy Settings, you will find the option entitled “ Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly”. The moment you find the option, you will have to turn off the option right away.  
  • Once you have turned it off, you must reload the page that you searched once more and see whether the issue is fixed.

Fix 5: Disable the Third Party Programs and Firewall

This is the last and final alternative we can offer you in case no other solutions work. Windows Firewall or the third-party antivirus programs often restricts you from accessing some of the websites, largely triggering the “net err_name_not_resolved”  issue. Therefore, to combat such technical hitches, you can simply deactivate such programs. In this regard, you can also try disabling your anti-malware programs temporarily. Thereafter, you can alter your anti-malware or even try reinstalling the appropriate antivirus package for your computer and see whether it serves your purpose.

Parting Note

With this, we shall wrap up. All we wish to say as we part with you is that ” Err_name_not_resolved” is one of the pervasive issues faced by the users of Chrome. And needless to say that such a technical glitch is definitely detrimental for your System on the whole. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to fix the error by applying the solutions we offered in this article. They are indeed the most workable workarounds for you and shall serve your purpose like no other. Thus, try them out at the earliest and rid yourself of the problem.

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