Discord Not Picking Up Mic – Fix Audio Problems of Discord App

A majority of users can experience issues with their microphone devices or built-in speakers after installing the Discord application. On some devices, they might see Discord not picking up mic. So, it can be an annoying situation if you are also facing a similar issue after installing the Discord app. When this error occurs, you will not be able to carry out any voice chats or hear from others. But, the users on the other side will hear your voice clearly.

However, in most of the cases, chances are higher that you will not be able to hear anything at all. The audio icon might show green rings to confirm that the audio is working perfectly. But, if you go deep of this microphone problem, the issues can be more complicated than it appears.

So, if you want to know more about this mic error, keep reading this article. Here, you will get to learn some of the possible causes of malfunctioning in the Discord app. Also, you can refer to the solutions discussed here to troubleshoot sound problems in your audio devices.

Reasons due to Which Discord not Picking up Mic on your PC

So, if you notice that Discord not picking up Mic signals, it can happen due to multiple reasons. Hence, if you are trying out the fixes, you need to know the causes of Discord app error. So, let’s take a look at a few reasons:

The first and foremost reason behind Discord app not recognizing the mic can be due to incorrect audio settings. Hence, if your device has some misconfigured selection for the sound devices or apps, it can cause this issue.

Somehow, if there are too many audio or microphone devices connected to your system, the Discord software may not work properly. Also, if your sound device is not set as default, you will see Discord app not picking up mic.

If there comes any issue while applying a Discord update, it can stop the app from responding properly. Also, a bug in the application can disable its settings and cause problems in the audio devices.

Solutions of Discord not Picking up Mic Device and Audio Signals

If you are asking yourself “Why Discord not picking up my mic?”, go through the following fixes to resolve the error. Here, you will get the stepwise solutions to enable the Discord app to detect the mic. But, before that, you have to make sure that there is no critical hardware problem in your system due to which the microphone is not working.

Hence, find out if any hardware component is defective especially, the speakers or mic.

Solution 1 – Enable the Use Legacy Audio Subsystem Option

In many devices, the hardware might have some kind of compatibility issue with the latest audio subsystem of Discord. Hence, if you roll back to the previous version of Legacy Audio system, it might help the app to recognize the mic.

In order to try this fix, you need to open the application window of Discord and click on its User Settings. Mostly, you can find this gear symbol right beside your avatar on Discord app.

Next, select the feature of ‘Voice & Video’ on the left panel below the ‘App Settings’. Then, on its expanded View section, you will find the toggle switch for ‘Use Legacy Audio Subsystem’.

Make sure that you click on this toggle to turn on this feature on Discord. After that, hit the ‘Okay’ button to confirm your action for the ‘Change Audio Subsystem’. Now, observe the top-right corner of the Discord application window and click on the ‘Esc’ button. Finally, reboot your device on which Discord app not picking up mic and check if the problem is now resolved.

Solution 2 – Make Sure your Audio Device is Chosen as Default

Sometimes, setting your device as the default audio on your system can resolve issues in the Discord app. However, you need to check these settings on Windows and not on Discord. To apply this method, find the sound icon from the Windows icon tray and right-click on it.

Next, choose ‘Playback Devices’ and wait for the Sound option to appear along with the Playback tab. Once, you are able to view the audio device installed on your system, right-click on it. However, this can include devices like headphones and speakers.

Now, you need to click on the tab for ‘Set as Default Device’. So, once again right-click on the sound device and choose the option of ‘Set as Default Communication Device’.

The best way to determine that your audio device is now selected as the default is with the green tick sign.

Solution 3 – Choose Appropriate Audio Output/Input Devices

If Discord is not responding properly due to the wrong selection of the audio device, try this solution to fix it. So, open the Discord app and click on the icon for ‘User Settings’. After this, hit the tab for ‘Voice & Video’ and go to the section of ‘Input Mode’.

Then, tick the checkbox for ‘Voice Activity’ and view the settings for audio ‘Input’ and ‘Output’. You can view this information on the top-right pane of the Discord application window.

Next, you have to check the options for both input and output by clicking on the drop-down menu. After that, identify the correct audio device, which can be supported by Discord app.

In case you are confused regarding the device selection for Discord, choose the first option on the drop-down menu. Finally, you can hit the ‘Esc’ button in order to exit the Discord app window. Now, you can restart your PC and launch Discord to check if it can detect the microphone.

Solution 4 – Refresh and Relaunch Discord App on your Device

In case, none of the above fixes troubleshoots this audio issue, remember that the microphone error can be due to a bug or software update in Discord. For those who are not aware, Discord developers keep launching new updates to keep the app going. So, whenever you connect to the internet, Discord takes very less time for downloading and installing updates.

But, during the installation of Discord updates, your app can be infected with the bug. So, rolling back to a previous update version can resolve the mic issues in Discord app. Otherwise, you can refresh the application and launch it again with the previous settings. Hence, you can hit the tabs for ‘Ctrl’ and ‘R’ for refreshing the app of Discord. In case, this solution doesn’t help Discord to detect mic, you can try the next method.

Solution 5 – Reset Discord Voice Settings On Your Computer or App

Often, the issue of Discord not picking up mic can be resolved only by resetting the audio settings. Especially, when the microphone is not able to detect the voice signals, you can reset voice settings on Discord.

In order to try this solution, first, open the homepage of Discord. Then, find the icon of ‘Settings or simply click the gear symbol to open the configuration page. Next, hit the tab for ‘Voice & Video’ under the heading of ‘App Settings’.

After that, select the option of ‘Reset Voice Setting’ and wait for the dialogue box to appear. There, you need to click on the ‘Okay’ button to confirm this resetting action.

Finally, connect your microphone and check if you can send a voice message on Discord using this device. If the issue persists regarding the mic on Discord, apply the remaining solutions to fix it.

Solution 6 – Exit the Current Discord Window and Run it as Admin

Another best way to troubleshoot mic issues is to quit the Discord app window and rerun it. Hence, you can simply restart the application in order to fix the glitch with audio devices on Discord.

If you want to try this method, locate the icon of Discord on your computer’s taskbar. However, you can hit the tab for ‘Show hidden icons’ to view the programs not visible on the taskbar. Next, click on the option of ‘Quit Discord’ and then go to the desktop.

Now, find the shortcut icon of Discord on your home screen and right-click on it. Then, choose the option of ‘Run as administrator’ and hit the tab of ‘Yes’ if asked for confirmation.

In case Discord doesn’t detect the mic after running the app with administrative rights, try the next solution.

Solution 7 – Launch Web Version of Discord Instead of App

If your microphone is not recognized by Discord after trying the above solutions, you can operate Discord in its web version. As Discord app can malfunction due to certain bug issues, hence, its website can be more reliable. Hence, for applying this fix, open a reliable web browser on your PC and type ‘discordapp.com’ in the URL. Hopefully, this solution will work and resolve mic errors on the Discord app.

But, if you don’t find any of these solutions effective, you can uninstall the current version of Discord and install a new one. Also, you can update the OS and also the Discord app to troubleshoot mic problems. To know more about the actual reasons behind Discord not picking up mic issue or technical fixes, you can contact professionals.

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