Did Monty Kill Bonnie in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach? Here’s the Truth

You must be familiar with Bonnie, one of the oldest franchises in the Five Nights at Freddy’s, if you’ve played the title. The latest instalment of the game, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, was out on 16 December 2021. Since then, fans haven’t seen Bonnie, and they are sceptical that Bonnie has gone missing. There are some serious allegations behind the unavailability of Bonnie. Some gamers even suspect that Monty has killed Bonnie. Did Monty kill Bonnie in FNAF: Security? Well, Bonnie was a popular character, and we can tell that there’s a huge fan following for Bonnie. 

The gamers are really curious about why Bonnie goes absent from the FNAF: Security Breach.

Let’s know everything about Bonnie and what happened to the character in this guide.

An Overview of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Developed by Steel Wool studios and published by ScottGames, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is a game based on the survival horror genre. This game continues the storyline of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted. You can play the title on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and other gaming consoles.

This particular instalment’s events take place in a mall. However, all the events in previous instalments happened in a pizzeria. 

Let’s learn something about the most discussed character of the game, Bonnie.


Did Monty kill Bonnie? Before we solve this, it’s important to know something about this character. As you already know, Bonnie is one of the main characters or antagonists in the FNAF franchise. Actually, Bonnie is a bunny, and he lives in Freddy Fazebar’s Pizza. In addition, he is an entertainer and Freddy’s guitarist.

Bonnie plays his guitar on the stage’s left side. Bonnie tries compelling any human he meets. Now, Bonnie is missing from the new Fazbear Entertainment Location in FNAF: Security Breach. 

Well, the first reference to Bonnie in FNAF: Security Breach came up when Gregory saw Vanny crossing the recharge station. Gregory and Freddy were hiding in the recharge station, and Freddy told him that there was a bunny missing from the Pizzaplex.

Later, players might discover the Bonnie Bowling area and find that Bonnie is no longer present there. Freddy also mentions that he doesn’t visit the Bonnie Bowling area as it reminds him of Bonnie. 

Freddy clearly misses Bonnie, and this makes players suspicious about whether Bonnie is killed. Is it Monty who killed Bonnie? Let’s get the answer.

Did Monty Kill Bonnie?

This rumour is revolving in the air since Bonnie is no longer available in FNAF: Security Breach. However, why does everyone suspect Monty of killing Bonnie? This is because Monty has replaced Bonnie and Monty is now the Glamrock band’s new guitarist.

Since Monty has stolen the spotlight, players have been thinking that Monty has replaced Bonnie by killing him. Perhaps, Monty was jealous of Bonnie being in the spotlight, and he might have killed Bonnie. 

Although the murder might aid the conspiracy against Bonnie and his missing coincidence from the instalment, we can’t be sure that Moty actually killed Bonnie.

We don’t think that Monty killed Bonnie as there is not enough evidence. However, there are chances that Monty might have made Bonnie retire and replace him. In addition, developers haven’t revealed anything about Bonnie’s absence in the FNAF: Security Breach. Overall, we can conclude that Bonnie might be decommissioned in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.

Why did Bonnie Get Replaced by Monty?

According to Fazwatch messages of FNAF: Security Breach, Bonnie was behaving strangely. Reportedly, he left the green room without informing anyone and wandered around the Mega Pizzaplex. That’s why he might be decommissioned, and Monty will take his place.

The management might have found Monty a more promising guitarist. They might have been optimistic about Monty’s performance and professionalism. On the other hand, numerous Pizzaplex customers keep asking for Bonnie frequently. 

Basically, they are looking for an official response behind Bonnie’s decommission or why Monty replaced Bonnie in the first place.

Till now, Bonnie hasn’t returned to FNAF: Security Breach and fans keep interrogating the management about his return. Clearly, fans have been missing Bonnie. Still, the management keeps Monty as the bassist and doesn’t clarify a single thing about why Bonnie isn’t present here.

What Actually Happened to Bonnie?

Fans are still sceptical regarding Bonnie’s absence and Monty’s bassist designation in the Glamrock Band. Moreover, they are quite sure that Monty has taken matters into his hand and killed or attacked Bonnie to take his place. 

Moreover, Monty appears to be more violent animatronics compared to others in FNAF: Security Breach. He possesses a habit of exploiting or destroying, as per Gregory’s statement on the Fazwatch.

Possibly, Bonnie was seen in the mall’s Monty Golf Area for the last time before he went missing. Additionally, a missing alert was reported named ‘MISSING: SECURITY ALERT’. This means that Bonnie went missing, at least when the alert was filed. 

Monty might have been acting competitively, and he might be responsible for Bonnie’s absence. However, we can’t say that for sure.

It might be beyond the natural robotic band dilemma. With gradual progress through the game, players will find many twists and turns. 

For example, Vanny is found hacking the computer systems at Pizzaplex. This makes her responsible for the violent behaviour of animatronics.

Freddy becomes successful in avoiding her influence. Freddy keeps convincing other animatronics to stop behaving accordingly. So, there is a chance that both Bonnie and Monty have been controlled by Vanny at the time of Bonnie’s missing incident. Additionally, it explains why Bonnie behaved strangely before he was decommissioned. 

So Far…

Vanny’s suspicious activities might relate to Bonnie’s unexpected disappearance. However, there’s still no confirmation. On the other hand, Vanny isn’t working alone, and he is influenced by William Afton, the founder of Fazbear Entertainment. 

Vanny might have used Bonnie or his parts to give a resurrection to William Afton as Burntrap, who is the boss of FNAF: Security Breach.

Therefore, the mystery is yet to be solved, and we can hope for true answers in the next instalment. Moreover, Bonnie appears through The Blob in the game, but that’s not the full-figure Bonnie players are used to seeing.

Will Bonnie ever Return to Five Nights at Freddy’s?

We have to wait for the developers to announce the recent changes. Lots of fan fiction and theories have been evolving since Bonnie’s disappearance. 

Still, now, we don’t know what happened to Bonnie. Did Monty kill Bonnie? We don’t have sure-shot evidence to prove that. Only developers can provide us with certain explanations about Bonnie and other mishaps in FNAF: Security Breach.

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