Dell Support Assist Not Working | Steps to Make SupportAssistant Respond On Your Dell Device

Dell laptops and desktops can often stop responding when you attempt to run SupportAssist on these devices. A majority of users are reporting about this error statement ‘Dell Support Center has stopped working’. Do you know that what support asstant does? Let me explain, for example, we have a laptop which has backlights or RGB lights in its keyboard to make it stylish but we don’t know how to turn on keyboard lights. Then we need to get assistance from company help desk or can search on google. Support assistant can give answer for this question or redirect you to forum community where you can find the answer for your problems. In case of dell laptops or computers, dell support assistant is available there but it is not working. Hence, it indicates that Dell Support Assist might be experiencing some difficulty while checking your system’s overall health. Now, many of you can be confused regarding whether to keep this software on your device even when the Dell Support Assist is not working properly. The others might feel like applying some troubleshooting tips so that SupportAssist can respond to Dell computers. So, if you are currently encountering this problem with the Dell Support Center program, check out this article. Here, we will share a few technical solutions to get rid of this annoying message regarding the non-responsive behavior of Dell SupportAssist.

Reasons Why Dell Support Assist is Not working On Your System

There can be multiple reasons due to which your device generates the error regarding Dell Support Assist not working. However, one of the surest signs to tell that Dell Support Center has incurred an error is when it displays pop-up windows every few minutes. So, in order to figure out why this issue is occurring and how to resolve the SupportAssist error in Dell computers, go through the following points.

Causes that can Make Dell Support Assist to Stop Responding

The following points cover some of the possible reasons, which can prevent Dell SupportAssist from running on Windows.

  • If the files related to Dell SupportAssist or Dell Support Center have become corrupted somehow, this issue can occur.
  • Somehow, if the current OS version is not compatible with running any specific Dell driver, you can experience this issue with SupportAssist.
  • Due to installing a buggy update, if the program of Dell Support Center has been disabled temporarily, it can prevent Dell SupportAssist to work.
  • Any possible infection from malware or virus on your Dell laptop can also disrupt the service and stop Support Center.
  • Users can also come across the error of Dell Support Assist not working Windows 10 if there is a software conflict with other Windows applications.
  • In case, the Windows version on your Dell device is not up to date, it can create critical issues.  Lack of proper updates can temporarily disable the services from Dell Support Center or Dell SupportAssist.
  • For some users, this error can occur due to running an older version of Dell Support Assist. However, many customers are facing similar error due to the recent version of SupportAssist as well. Hence, this can be purely related to both hardware and software configuration settings on Dell machines using Windows OS.

Solutions to Consider When Dell Support Assist Stop Responding on Windows

If you don’t want to get interrupted with the continuous notification messages regarding Dell Support Assist not working, you need to apply a few troubleshooting steps. So, let’s take a look at the following fixes, which can resolve SupportAssist errors in Dell devices.

Fix 1: Rename the File of New-Dell-Logo-White-Small

According to some Dell technicians, renaming the New-Dell-Logo-White-Small file in the Resources folder can fix this error alert. Hence, open the drive on your Dell device that contains the folder of ‘Program Files’.

Then click on the ‘Dell’ folder and open the ‘SupportAssistAgent’ option. Here, you will see the folder named ‘Resources’ within the folder of ‘bin’. So, double-click on ‘Resources’ and locate the file having the name ‘New-Dell-Logo-White-Small’.

Now, right-click on this specific file and erase the word ‘-Small’ from its name. Make sure that the file name is now ‘New-Dell-Logo-White’ and exit the ‘Resources’ window.

Finally, try to launch or run the Dell SupportAssist and check whether it’s working or still not responding.

Fix 2: Make Sure that Windows 10 is Up to Date on your Dell

Your system can generate an error message of Dell Support Assist not working Windows 10 if the OS is outdated. Hence, the best way to deal with Dell Support Center issues is by applying the latest Windows 10 updates. However, before you begin the process of checking for Windows 10 updates, connect your Dell device to a non-interrupting Ethernet or wireless network.

So, for trying this solution, click on the Windows Start menu and type ‘Windows Update’ in the search box. Then hit the tab for ‘Check for updates’ in the expanded settings on right-side of the window.

In case, your Dell device experience any trouble while updating Windows 10, you can make use of Update Assistant or consult a technician. Hopefully, once your Windows OS is updated to its latest version, Dell SupportAssist will start to work again.

Fix 3: Remove or Uninstall all Components of Dell Support Center

For those who don’t want to deal with any technical errors with Support Assist, this solution can be a perfect fix. So, you need to locate the folders or applications of Dell Support Center or SupportAssist and uninstall or delete them on your PC.

Step 1

First, press the Windows logo and the R key on your keyboard simultaneously and wait for the Run dialog box to open. Then locate the text field and write ‘appwiz.cpl’ in it. As you hit the ‘OK’ button, Windows will display the window of ‘Programs and Features’ on the screen.

Now, find the program of Dell SupportAssist or Dell Support Center from the list of programs on your device. Then right-click on it and select the option of ‘Uninstall’. In case, you have installed Dell SupportAssist or related applications from a third-party vendor, you can use ‘Control Panel’ to remove this program.

Step 2

Next, wait for Windows to delete the Dell Support Center. Next, go to File Explorer (Windows+E) to remove the remaining components. For that, open the ‘Program Files’ folder in C: drive (in most Windows-based machines) and locate ‘Dell SupportAssist’. You need to delete the entire folder of Dell Support Center or SupportAssist to make this error message disappear.

Step 3

In addition to this, follow the path link ‘C:\Users\*YOUR USERNAME *\AppData\ Local\Temp’ and empty the Temp folder. Also, find the folder of PCDR by navigating to ‘C:\Users\*YOUR USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming’ and delete it.

Now, whenever you restart your Windows-based machine, you won’t see the annoying pop-up of ‘Dell Support Assist not working’.

If Dell Support Assist not working issue persists even after applying the above methods, it will require advanced solutions from technicians. Hence, you can get in touch with a Windows or Dell expert and ask how to remove SupportAssist errors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does SupportAssist do anything?

Dell SupportAssist is the world’s first automated proactive and predictive PC and tablet support solution. 
SupportAssist also assesses the health of your servers, storage, and networking devices in order to prevent downtime from occurring.

Should I keep SupportAssist?

Don’t worry if you don’t have Dell SupportAssist installed on your PC. fresh update can frequently cause problems and issues with your computer. You may always reinstall SupportAssist — or any other preinstalled programme — from Dell’s official website if you ever need it.

How do I update support assist?

1. To get the file, go to the download link.
2. Double-click the.exe file you obtained from Dell’s support page.
3. On the Dell Update Package, click Install.
4. The installation process will begin.
5. On the Dell Update Package, click the close button.
6. Reboot your computer.
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