Core Elements of a Modern Web Design

The value of creating a modern web design is impeccable. To welcome more traffic to your site and to offer your visitors the best web experience, you should know all the core elements necessary for a modern design. At the same time, integrating your web design with the modern style makes your site more valuable and improves its chances of ranking. Here are the core elements of a modern web design that you must know to create a stunning and trendy website.

The layout should be mobile friendly

A huge number of users access the websites using their mobile phones. Mobile devices help to generate more than 50% of global website traffic. Thus you should focus on creating a very responsive mobile web design. What is a responsive design? A responsive design will, however, allow your website to adapt a large range of screen sizes without hampering its usability of the site.  To generate more traffic through hand-held devices, you should focus on creating a responsive design that supports all screen resolutions.  Else, you can simply head out to a reliable web design agency Sydneyto get impressive web designing service.

Go for hamburger menus

Most of the website comes with a long menu for all its options and features from where users can choose the suitable one. Though this refers to very straightforward navigation through your site, it takes a lot of space on your screen. When you are creating a mobile-friendly design, you may not spare that much space. Hence, add hamburger menus which come in the form of a button that opens a broad menu or a complete navigation drawer. It is one of the easiest ways of space-saving and maintaining a clean interface.

White page utilization

For a minimalistic clean design, you should maintain the white pages properly in your homepage designs. Adding too many continuous texts will ultimately result in the exhaustion of your readers. For a modern website, it is very crucial to maintain much healthy balance within your content and white space. You can utilize the white space with small images or CTA buttons. It will help you to create a very clean-looking, readable, and easy-to-navigate website.

Cross-browser and cross-device compatibility

For the optimal growth of your traffic, you should prepare your site to become accessible from a large range of platforms. Every design element that you are coding into your site must function properly in a large range of devices and browsers. To achieve this success, you have to test your site all over the browsers and devices. It will improve the accessibility of your site. At the same time, it will improve your chances of getting noticed by a large number of users.

SEO optimized design

This is the crucial thing that you must follow every time you are creating a website. The ranking of your site is ultimately dependent on SEO compatibility. Adding elements like meta tags, featured snippets, HTML coding hacks, heading tags, etc., improves the SEO capability of your website. Hence optimize the SEO elements to make your site capable of becoming a high-ranking one.

Speed optimization

Speed is a very vital factor for modern website designs. Whether it is the search engine crawlers or it is your visitors, nobody will value a website that loads slowly. Thus you should optimize your website to become blazing fast that loads within 5 seconds. You have to use lightweight elements in your site so that it can become faster enough. You can optimize and compress your images to improve your site speed. Also, you need to use compressions to keep files small and minimize all your HTTP requests in Chrome’s Developer tool.

A clean and classy typography

The typography you are using for the texts on your website should be very impactful. Use clean and simple fonts of proper sizes. Choose fonts that look highly visible against a certain color of the background. Also, you must maintain an adequate amount of space in between the lines, paragraphs, and words to improve the readability of your text.


To create a modern website, you cannot ignore values. The above-mentioned elements are always there in your website to create a highly scalable online presence. Every time you are creating such a website to drive a higher range of traffic, make sure you are doing necessary optimizations so that you never have to deal with drawbacks related to bad user experience.

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