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More and more people trust cleaning professionals. Clients of cleaning agencies are both ordinary families and large companies, owners of offices, coworking spaces, gyms, beauty salons.

Cleaning can be maintenance or general, the duration and frequency are chosen by the customer. An employee of a cleaning company arrives at the facility at the appointed time with his inventory and cleaning products, the customer only needs to provide access to the premises. Clients, as a rule, trust cleaning through an agency more than individuals: there are loyalty systems, work with complaints and preliminary screening of personnel.

The cost of one visit depends on the area of the object, the number of people and the technical complexity of the work. On average, cleaning a one-room apartment will cost about 2 thousand rubles. Not very expensive for comfort, is it?

The number of clients of cleaning agencies is growing steadily. Especially if the company chooses a technological way of business development: it connects a CRM program and creates conditions for registering for cleaning online on the website or through the application and cleaning business software.

Program for registering clients for cleaning

Installing a CRM service solves several tasks at once:

  • Automates all processes – from finding customers to ordering supplies.
  • Simplifies interaction with consumers: collects contacts, records the frequency of orders, remembers the special wishes of the client.
  • Draws up a schedule of employees, focusing on time opportunities and incoming orders.
  • Compares branch results daily, monthly, yearly.
  • Prepares analytics for various requests.
  • Allows you to implement a marketing strategy, organize mailings, send reminders of the planned cleaning.
  • Offers an efficient 24/7 online cleaning appointment service.
  • Manages payments, calculates wages.

Why do customers prefer cleaning companies with online scheduling function?

In the 21st century, the need to call by phone to agree on something causes discomfort for many. It is much more pleasant to open an online registration form with a cleaning calculator. The client himself can mark the premises that need to be included in the list of works, manages the cost, and chooses the date and time. As soon as the order enters the system, the cleaning company is notified. A day before the scheduled visit, the client will receive a reminder of the cleaning and the assigned employee.

It is convenient to share a link to an online appointment with friends, to recommend a company. This is a great free way to promote.

When booking online cleaning business, you can choose the type of payment – in cash or by card. The possibility of bank payments is another reason to choose your company.

The program for cleaning companies allows:

  • streamline work with the receipt of orders and their processing;
  • quickly calculate the price of the order according to the established price list of the company;
  • assign employees to fulfill orders, taking into account their work schedule;
  • create a database of employees and their contacts;
  • competently plan orders and employees for their implementation;
  • optimize data storage for each Customer and their orders in a convenient and easy-to-use form;
  • carry out detailed monitoring of orders at any time;
  • instantly assess the workload of each employee;
  • calculate remuneration for employees in a convenient and simple form;
  • create a convenient directory system that will store all prices for the company’s services;
  • install sms-notifications for employees and clients of the company in the program;
  • generate salary and other reporting.
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