Choosing the Best Printer for College

If you’re wondering how you can best “do my assignments,” more information is needed on what tools would make your work process go more smoothly. In order to do the best job possible, you’re going to need equipment to do so! This guide will break down the best printer for college students to consider purchasing, whether they need a small printer or a cheap printer for MAC. These options represent the best available to college students around the world, making them all a fantastic option for your needs! Look no further for the best printer for college students, because you’re sure to find one of these works perfectly for you!

Brother HL-L2340DW

Brother HL-L2340DW printer

A printer that’s incredibly easy to use due to its simple setup and its wireless nature, this option is incredibly convenient for college students that need no-fuss printing reliably and quickly. It’s small enough to fit anywhere you may need it to go and the high quality of the printing itself is sure to make any teacher satisfied. This printer is a hidden gem and a perfect option for any student!

Brother HL-L2300DR

Brother HL-L2300DR printer

A monochrome printer that’s perfect for college students everywhere, this machine is the perfect choice for sharp, professional-looking documentation for those looking for business excellence. This laser printer is utterly reliable and dependable, compact, boasting a 250-sheet tray. It also has automatic duplex printing to save paper! A great option for those looking for an efficient and professional piece of equipment. Above all else, it even has a toner-saving mode so you can choose which documents get the most attention. A great purchase!

Canon Pixma MG2220

Canon Pixma MG2220 printer

With integration into Google Cloud, wireless printing, mobile device printing, USB connectivity, and AirPrint functionality, this printer is easily able to handle all your needs. This small printer is perfectly able to sit itself anywhere you need it to with its sleek body and its built-in auto duplex printing allows it to print on two sides, giving you complete control over your projects! A fantastic option for any student looking for an upgrade, the Canon Pixma is not one to miss!

Canon SELPHY CP1300

Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer

A fantastic option for MAC or PC, this could very well be the best printer for college students on a budget! This photo printer will print thousands of pictures that last for at least a hundred years! The connections between this printer and your smartphone or tablet are incredibly easy and allow on-the-go printing at any time. Not only that, but the sleek design lets you bring it anywhere you need it to be, making it a perfect travel companion for those photogenic moments abroad!

Canon Pixma MG 3220

Canon Pixma MG 3220 printer

The Canon Pixma MG3220 can truly do it all and is a great option for home, school, work, or anywhere else. This inkjet, auto-duplex option is compatible with a variety of cartridges and integrates fully into Google Cloud Print, making it possible to print anywhere you are! Not only that but the printer itself is very affordable making its scanning, printing, and copying functions much easier to handle when doing large projects.

Dell B1160W

With a compact design and wireless, monochrome technology, this Dell printer is a budget-friendly option that can enable a fully wireless office space, eliminating tricky wires and inconvenient placements. With the ability to print directly from mobile devices, this printer is great for students on the go, or for anyone looking for convenience and availability! Its small size is perfect for dorm rooms or small spaces and the low maintenance will ensure a long lifespan and record performance.

Epson WorkForce WF-110

Epson-WorkForce-WF-110 printer

Easily the most portable and functional printer on the list, the Epson WorkForce is the ultimate portable printer on the market. Ultra-lightweight and compact, even featuring an external battery accessory option, this printer will always be with you wherever you may need it. It has WiFi connectivity as well, allowing you to connect with it to print at any time, using any computer. Truly a marvel of printing technology and something that will easily last you for your entire college career!

Epson Expression Home XP-420

Epson Expression Home XP-420 printer

With WiFi and USB connectivity, easy setup and navigation, and a great color LCD screen to preview all your hard work, the Expression Home is a great printer for anyone looking for a scanning option to go along with their needs for a printer. This cheap printer is compact, well designed, and connects directly to iPad, iPhone, tablets, and smart devices of all kinds. Not only that, it even has Alexa functionality, allowing you to dictate exactly what you need to be done with it to Alexa! A great printer for all.

HP Deskjet 1000

HP Deskjet 1000 printer

One of the most affordable printers available right now for those looking to buy new, this printer is just that – a cheap printer without many of the bells and whistles you’re used to! By cutting away all the unnecessary options (for those needing only the document printing option), this cheap printer can last you ages and get the job done correctly and efficiently. Its inkjet technology will ensure a long lifespan and the two-sided printing option will fix many hassles that plague students every day!

HP Envy 5660

HP-Envy-5660 printer

Another printer with integrated Alexa functionality, this HP printer easily connects to your local network for wireless printing and prints all kinds of high-quality documents both in black and white and in colour. It also scans, copies, and integrates with web and photo galleries, giving you a host of options to consider when you have a project due! This option is a fantastic one for students and families, due to its versatility and output. Definitely don’t miss this one!

No Matter Which You Pick, You Need To Be Ready!

School is, at best, an incredibly busy, stressful time – you need to be prepared! Buying all your equipment beforehand will be the best way to handle the upcoming school year and researching all your options will give you the best equipment for the job! Preparing for the school year is essential for success and finding the best printer for college students is something that is worth the effort.

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