Best Tech Jobs for Computer Geeks

Maybe you’re the go-to person for any computer troubles your friends or family have? Or maybe you just love computers? If so, have you ever asked yourself how you could transfer these skills into a highly paid career? We live in an information world and computer experts are in demand. Interested to hear more about how you can make a living out of your love and passion for tech? Here are some of the best tech jobs you should consider if you are a computer geek.

Software Engineer

Software is a part of our everyday lives. Most people do not realize just how reliant we are on it but you’ll know how the modern world works and how we couldn’t function without software. Perhaps you are already coding your own software or you have thought about learning how to code? Software engineers are well paid and if computers are your thing, this is one of the best industries to get into. It is essential that you have the right education as it is highly competitive, so you should consider getting a college education and the right degree. Attending college is a costly investment so you could consider taking out a private student loan, and you can do so without the need for a cosigner.


Mathematicians are in high demand and their specialty areas aren’t just needed for teaching. Mathematical theory can be used in industries ranging from economics, business, and engineering. There are also the traditional areas associated with mathematics such as physics and the other sciences. Mathematicians can be tasked with utilizing their existing knowledge of mathematical theories to develop new ones. Living in a data-driven world, the skills held by mathematicians have been highly sought after.


Statisticians are needed in most industries and your ability to use computers probably means you are adept at stats. Governments highly value statisticians as they use stats to run a country and form policies and develop existing ones. You can use your skills to collect data, analyze and interpret it. You will also utilize your abilities with computers to find out who should be answering opinion polls and the best way to collect data which will be useful to the industry you work within.

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile apps are used for everything in the modern world. This is why it’s a perfect choice for you to think about starting a career in their development. An exciting industry where innovation is key, you will get to use your existing skills to develop mobile phone-based solutions to real-world problems. You’ve no doubt had the thought that you could create your own app, you may even have done so, so why not start taking it seriously and make a career from it?

Web Developer

You probably already know that developing websites is not as easy as most people think. It’s even harder to develop one which attracts people and understands the needs of the business and people it represents. Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their websites and as someone who knows exactly what they need, you should start taking steps towards making it a career. Create a portfolio and start showing off your skills.

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