Apps to Improve Photo Quality in Post-Processing

Many people need to think about how many of them there are to stop at one method of improving the quality of photos. Most often they use the old and well-known Photoshop. But the world is not standing still and with the development of technology and software for a long time, there are many ways to improve the quality of photos that cope with this task much better than the giant (for example, enhance images with AI). In our article, we will tell you about apps to improve the quality of photos and their benefits.

Luminar Neo

One of Photoshop’s most dangerous competitors uses AI to enhance photos. Working with this program will not be a problem even for the novice photo editor, as the interface is very user-friendly, and a huge part of the work is done by AI. You can find more information about this amazing software at the link


It is gaining ground when it comes to using it as one of the applications that significantly improve the quality of camera photos and cell phones. EnhanceFox is one of those tools capable of improving images, even pixel by pixel, as well as videos. Thanks to its power, if you have a blurry image, it can greatly improve if displayed the way you wanted when you started it. This app has great features and also adds filters and endless options that set it apart from other software.


It is considered one of the best photo editing programs. To improve pic instantly, it only requires selecting an image and clicking on a button. PicMa is based on Remini, one of the applications that work very well when you want to edit something on an image.

The app offers a lot of extras, including, for example, the ability to apply effects to images, filters, and the ability to add emoticons and stickers. This is a free utility that is always worth installing on our phone if you want to quickly edit a photo.


This powerful editor provides great features when it comes to improving the quality of your photos. all without much experience using the app. Once you have selected a photo, you have several settings to make the image clear and remove dirt and any objects located on the images.

AirBrush was designed with simplicity in mind to be able to retouch images and includes a good panel from which you can control and apply any setting.


Not only can photo editors improve photo quality, but neural networks can also do that! If you’ve taken a somewhat blurry picture, Remini will help you get the best quality and display it the way you want in just a few simple steps. The app has a great engine, in addition to that it has amazing speed, and allows you to save without a watermark, but also put your own.

It allows you to edit any photo in almost any format, as it reads many of them, including JPG, BMP, and PNG, as well as another 20. Also, Remini will act as a strong image editor, capable of everything, including adding stickers, stitching photos, cropping images, and more.


This photo enhancer goes by the name PhotoTune. It has some interesting abilities:

● remove blur from images;

● remove light and shadows;

● add objects to the picture.

It is a tool that has been improved over time, adding certain additions to become a favorite of over 1 million people.

PhotoTune enhances any photo with a single click, you select a photo, click a button, and wait for the task to be done automatically thanks to a good built-in engine.


InShot decided to launch a separate photo editor of its own called Lumii, a free app available on the Play Store. Take a touch and edit, in one of its options you can improve the quality of images, it also includes more than twenty different filters.

Lumii carries a lot of features. to this, it adds up to a total of 50 million downloads on Android and 25 million on iOS. If you want to improve the quality of your photos, this is a complete app and an alternative to all those mentioned so far. It accepts a large number of formats, for which it clarifies photos, enhances blurry images, and eliminates watermarks of any type. New features are being added to the app, the latest of which is the ability to create collages and connect two photos with a simple drag and drop.

Image enhancement is the perfect app, especially if you want a photo to look too blurry, whether it was taken with a camera or your phone.


Fotor is an image editor that has versions for almost all popular platforms. Its distinctive feature is a magic button that instantly transforms an uploaded photo.

Using photo AI enhance allows you to get rid of the most common errors in mobile photography. If anything, you can always tweak the algorithm with manual adjustments.

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