Hello guys, welcome to GeekNot. I am Nathaniel Villa, and I created your favourite platform, GeekNot. I hold an Engineering degree in Information Technology, and currently, I am a developer. 

Learning about new technologies and gadgets and sharing them with you is my hobby. Since my IT job requires me to go through a lengthy desk regime, writing about new technologies and helping people keeps me motivated.

If you follow GeekNot regularly, then you are a gadget geek and tech enthusiast just like me. I am very much keen on new launches, technical issues, leading trends, and more, and after getting to the details, I will provide you with a realistic and unbiased opinion. 

Do you keep looking for solutions for a technical glitch or a gadget recommendation? But don’t you have the time for research? If you are stuck with your work, I have made the job easy for you.

I monitor the deep layers of technology infused in different gadgets and trends so you can select the best tech or gadget. In addition, you can find tried, and tested solutions for a wide range of device errors and operating systems issues with GeekNot. 

If you want to know more about my blogging journey and selection of niches, join me on Internet Table Talk for the tech ride with a cup of coffee.

How I Started My Blogging Journey

I have always loved technology, brand-new and shiny gadgets. After my mainstream career entered my life, I got engaged actively in IT trends, software development, new launches for gadgets, and more. On a weekend’s lazy afternoon, the idea of blogging hit me, and I wrote about “How to factory reset a laptop” using the nearest gadget, an iPad or tablet.

However, I didn’t publish that immediately. Instead, I had to create a WordPress site, and I was stuck on the name of my blogging site. Within a few days, I chose the name GeekNot as I kept using my tablet for writing purposes in those initial days. The next step was to write more and more helpful content about technology and publish them on the site.

I made sure that my content would contain pure information, no blabbing, and no biased opinion. Within 4 months, many readers reached out and appreciated my work and commented that the contents were really useful. This incident inspired me to keep going, and I decided to invest more in my blogging effort. 

Discovering My Niche

I started blogging with tech stuff which is my passion. As things started to seem pretty good, I decided to hold onto my expertise and blog more and more about technology, gadgets, and so on.

I tried writing about everything I discovered in the tech field and kept experimenting with them. I do this even today, and there’s a secret to my successful blogging – “You have to be consistent and keep presenting quality research, results, and nothing but the truth”.

Is Blogging a Profession for me?

I began my journey with my passion for tech stuff and simple narration of them so that people could understand easily. Now, it’s been more than 6 years since I became a professional blogger. I have also partnered with inspiring and lovable bloggers with expertise in the tech industry, digital marketing, etc. And, I am still learning bit by bit. For now, I am sincerely committed to both my job and blogging routine for GeekNot.

The Vision of GeekNot

The purpose of GeekNot is to assist you in overcoming any problematic technical situation. Additionally, you need not experiment with them and waste your time. 

GeekNot has a huge range of content dedicated to different technology and software. Hopefully, you will be in touch with us in future. Check out the following content that has helped a lot of people and is quite popular: