A Bird’s View About Preparing for macOS Big Sur Upgradation

Another year and people across the world are all set to welcome a new version of macOS, which is just around the corner. Yes, you heard me right, just a couple of months, and you will have the latest OS that is macOS Big Sur on your Apple devices. macOS, also known as macOS 11, will bring forth one of the biggest changes in the interface with new features that’ll surely make everything appear different.

Can’t wait to upgrade to this exciting update that Apple is all set to bring? Well, before you embark upon this up-gradation journey, ensure to find answers to all the questions triggering your mind. Should I upgrade to Big Sur? Will my Mac support the latest update? How do I prepare for this new-fangled change?

Now is the perfect time to clear all the cruft going on and get your Mac ready when Apple launches its latest Operating System. Here are some things that you can do:

  • Check the compatibility of the software:

You might be wondering if your Mac would be compatible with the Big Sur when it launches. Well, one thing that you can be pretty sure of is that all Apple’s software and major apps would be compatible. However, it still becomes vital to check and ensure that all your apps are compatible. If you come across a persistent issue that an app that holds pivotal importance to you doesn’t support the latest version or is facing a troubleshoot problem, here’s something you can do. The experts recommend having a backup for reverting to Catalina. Although Apple doesn’t release a list of compatible apps, platforms like Reddit and Medium release such lists. Also, ensure that the hardware drivers you rely upon are fully compatible and fully updated.

  • Clean your Mac:

Always ensure having a few GB’s in your Mac. Although the new update that Apple has launched- the macOS Big Sur doesn’t require a lot of space. Yes, cleaning up your Mac will let you have this extra space, which will help you in downloading and installing the update with maximum efficiency. You surely would want to optimize the storage of your Mac for the extraneous files, unneeded apps, and duplicate files for making that extra storage space you require. Not only is it a point of saving space, but the experts also recommend having an organized desktop.

  • Back up your Mac:

I can’t emphasize this point enough. If you see that your Mac is compatible, and you’re about to upgrade it, the first thing that should cross your mind is backing up your Mac. Cloning your device is the best and safest thing you can do. However, you can also make use of Time Machine if there’s an external hard drive available. This helps you have an exact copy of everything that’s there on your Mac’s drive- all the personal data and system files.

Doing this works wonders for you since you always have an option of booting data from your external drive, especially when things turn the other way around. You can also recopy all those files on your Mac, anytime you want.

You can opt for a clean installation method or migration method for successfully upgrading your system. All that you’ve to do is run a macOS Big Sur installer on your Mac, which will help you install all the files without even causing any alterations to your data. Just think of the repercussions of these two methods on your immediate workflow before thinking of upgrading.

I’m sure the new-fangled operating system will help you dwell in tranquility with the explicit features.

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