5 Most Popular Lifestyle Apps

Changes, resolutions, plans – keeping new habits is no easy task. But don’t worry! Probably there is already an app that can help you achieve your goals. Below, we present five useful lifestyle apps. Let’s check how technology can really take the weight off your shoulders! At the end of the article, you will find a link to ten more apps.

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Aloe Bud

Self-care has happened to be one of the most difficult things people deal with; overwhelmed with work and private issues, there is usually little time to pause and focus on your well-being. Aloe Bud can be a great companion in this journey. Its gentle language, pleasant layout, and unobtrusive nature make it a perfect solution for those who struggle with finding time, energy, and willingness to look after themselves. It offers plenty of ways on how to introduce self-care in everyday life, step by step. Available on iOS.


Are you struggling with distractions? The main culprit is usually your mobile phone – it’s a perfect escape from focusing on your duties. But what if using your mobile phone was impossible for some time? Try Forest, an app that will help you separate yourself from the mobile screen. How does it work? You set the time between 10 and 120 minutes in which you don’t use your phone. In return, during this time, you will grow a tree. If you happen to use your phone for some reason, the tree will die. The motivation to concentrate is one thing, but what is more: By growing trees, you earn coins which then can be spent on planting real trees in five African countries. Win-win! Available on iOS and Android.


Browsing the Internet can often result in a rich collection of findings – a new song, a book you dream about, or an article for self-development. The problem starts when you want to find it after some time. Is there a way to organize your bookmarks? Yes, there is! Raindrop.io. It’s an extremely functional app with many tools to keep order. It does not only offer categories but also advanced searching, automatic backups, and data safety. It can also be used for groups and teams, with access to editing and sharing. These functions are available for free; for more demanding users, premium tools can be unlocked. Available as a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) and as an iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows app.


We know how difficult it is to stick to new habits, especially if they are drastically different from the past ones. Streaks can give you a hand in this journey. It has a simple interface with up to twelve tasks you would like to accomplish; then, you set the frequency of completing them every day or once a week. The motivating drive behind it is that with every successful task, the streak is extended; if you break the chain, though, the streak resets to zero. Available on all Apple devices and in plenty of languages, such as Greek, Vietnamese, Malay, or Arabic.


If you work different shifts or travel a lot through time zones, Timeshifter will be a great help in adjusting and fixing your disrupted circadian body rhythm. The app will give you precise instructions on activities and daytime to make it as effective for your biorhythms as possible. It also offers some pre-preparation if you are planning any further travels. All of the information included in the app are based on professional knowledge and research on the circadian clock. Available on iOS and Android.

Technology has become a modern amenity in many life areas. Check Elpassion.com for ten more lifestyle apps!

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