10 Exciting Things To Do On Your Smartphone While Feeling Stuffy

Perhaps you went for your rest break, and the 30 minutes feel like one hour. Or you’ve spent some time in the doctor’s waiting room. You could have all the reasons to get bored. It happens.

If you have a smartphone with you, you are a step to whooping away your boredom with just a click. Go for exciting things to do on your smartphone. There are so many productive ways you can do with your phone without aimless navigation; that mindless scrolling, we can refer to as a mechanical ritual.

Take control of your boredom with some bit of tenacity! Next time you feel bored, below are ten thrilling ways to use your Smartphone.

1. Streaming Netflix Shows and Movies

It’s scientifically proven that TV shows and movies can elevate your mood when feeling low. Getting these from a poor streaming service would be more complicated. One best service to run to is Netflix, a perfect choice for streaming entertainment.

Did you know that you can watch Netflix from anywhere? If you’re concerned about your cellular data, Netflix has you in mind. The service allows for easy downloading of the shows and movies that you can watch offline.

If you feel that your weekend is too long and you want to break the dullness, one favor you can do to yourself is to invest your time in some of the best western movies to watch on Netflix. Netflix western movies and shows provide timeless pleasures enough to turn your weekend into a joyful memory.

2. Play Online Games

You can improve your learning skills by playing online games. They are also good for your brain health.

There are many games you can download on your phone, some free while others at cost. However, you need to be extra careful when downloading files to your smartphone. Some contain viruses, Trojans that could lead you to become a victim of identity theft or any other online fraud.

3. Listen to Music

Do you want to look young? Music is a form of therapy. Research shows that good music provides a full brain workout, which translates to increased mood, memory or sleep quality.

You can download your favorite albums from supported links, or browse the songs on YouTube. Some download software allows users to get music for free. However, this could be an illegal way.

4. Learn New Skills

You probably have all the guide books on hiking, cooking, learning to play guitar, etc. When did you peruse the pages?

You can admit that there are plenty of skills, both old and new, to learn from your smartphone. It all depends on what interests you. For instance, if you love cooking, you can subscribe to some of the best cooking channels on YouTube. There is so much to learn with just a click.

5. Unsubscribe from Your Mailing List

While businesses are trying hard to get customers to subscribe to their email list, these subscriptions sometimes become annoying.

If you subscribed to receive some products or services and want to get off the mailing list, deleting the list from your email will only make your fingers hot. One best way to avoid the emails would be to unsubscribe from the respective links.

Such links are buried at the end of the message in an attempt to sway you from unsubscribing.

6. Clear your junkies on the gallery

Who knows? You could be a rescuer to your nearing full gadget.  Many of the smartphones get full, and this slows down their capacity.

If you’re one of those who intentionally avoid downloading unnecessary huge files, such as videos or the photos you snapped aimlessly or anything else you don’t need, your phone may get slower. You can avoid this by deleting some of the unwanted files to save on space.

7. Check your Favorite Publications

In your free time, this is when you discover your favorite titles. Maybe you have been having a busy week and never had time to check on your emails or what has been offered by your preferred service providers.

You can scroll through such publications and have an eye on what seems to interest you.

8. Browse E-Commerce Store

Businesses are aware that millions of people search the internet now and then to get the products and services they need. E-commerce has made the shopping experience better by allowing a 24/7 opportunity for customers to view products and services.

You could be planning to change your wardrobe or get better culinary tools. E-commerce stores could be a good place to compare prices and get what you need at a better deal.

9. Take Online Quizzes

Quizzes help you learn. It’s also a way most websites encourage people to spend more time on their web pages. Quizzes can help to test your IQ level. You can also participate in surveys, some potentially earning you great prizes.

However, you should be cautious as some of them are scams; your answers could give hackers a chance to get your accounts information.

10. Explore Google Earth

Want to have an adventure on Google Earth? Your smartphone can take you right there. Google Earth is a geospatial platform or a computer program where users access aerial imagery.

You can take a peaceful trip on the whole planet with photos or information and explore the Earth. The platform is easy to navigate with well-named controls.

Bottom line

Not everything done with your smartphone is productive. You are your own master; you can choose to spend your time in prolific ways as well as go for exciting things to do on your smartphone.

With the above list, you don’t have any excuse for condoning your stuffy feelings. You can use your smartphone effectively by doing something meaningful.

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